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We provide a wide variety of opportunities for our writers as we have a rich client base who are looking to spend money on writers with a wide range of skills. With our star rating system, you can get paid what you are worth when you select a writing job.

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Are you a copywriter and need a simple place to earn money by placing your writing skills in the work place? Our copywriting network website allows you to pick up and start writing for the available jobs that are in the system. We also have many other marketing opportunities which can become available to you.

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What is Copywriting

Copywriting is everywhere. Freelancer writing jobs are harder to come by. Whether you notice it or not, it is just there! And that is the art of it. To arrange and re-arrange words in such a way that they market and sell better, whatever they are intended towards.

In copywriting it is focused that the reader remains interested in the piece of writing each time you twist an existing one or churn out a fresh one! Isn’t that artistic? It is to sell something with the power of words rather than with other marketing strategies.

Copywriting: Use the Power of Words to Sell

Okay! So we understand that copywriting inherently is creating powerful text to motivate readers to perform some action, usually that of buying some product or idea. But there is lot more to it than just re-arrangement of words and text.

In the present era, since the time internet took over other forms of traditional media like newspapers and television, copywriting has become even more important.

For example SEO copywriting is a practice that has evolved only with the evolution of the internet. It involves writing targeted around some particular keywords.

When you think your clients would search for some keywords, SEO copywriters are hired to write beautiful content around those keywords, so that your businesses appear on the search engine result pages whenever those keywords are typed in.

Yet another mechanism is email marketing copywriting. In this form of copywriting, emails are sent to select lists which are made of prospective or the most likely buyers of your goods or services. So these have to be specialized.

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Master Copywriting
How to Master the Art of Copywriting

Rather than writing very straightforwardly, one must drive home the point of profit making to the reader (if he adopts your services) in a very camouflaged and sophisticated manner.

Many young aspirants today are targeting their career as master copywriters. However, remember that copywriting is not just any Tom, Dick or Harry’s cup of tea. It requires special skills which have to be learnt and then practiced over time. If you can write a great book on fiction, doesn’t mean you could be a great copywriter. Nevertheless copywriting can be learnt. 5 Tips for Copywriting

Below we share a quick checklist of tips that you can explore further to become a successful copywriter. These can also be used to further enhance your writing skills if you already are one.

• Master the rules of language: the grammar, the syntax, the slang, the colloquial, the tone etc. This is a must and a rule of thumb to succeed. This will also make your write-ups to be accepted globally.

• Learn the rules of digital marketing especially search engine optimization. Most pieces that you write will be meant for the online media and even if they are for hard copies, they will soon be published over the net too. So you must know how to gather traffic with your words.

• Take into account your target audience and your end goal. That would help write better.

• Try to make an emotional connect while you write, that always helps.

• Enhance your writing with great formatting and styling techniques. You must know where to capture attention and where to keep it low.

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Do you want to be a professional copywriter? Join the professional copywriting network and start to make money today. Minimum withdraw is $1.00 and direct to your paypal account or bitcoin address.
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How I Got My First Copywriting Job

Earn money writing
Are you a writer? Are you looking to earn money by writing for other companies, individuals and publishers? We can connect you with companies and individuals which require coywritten text.

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At the copywriting network we have spent time making sure that your experience is simple and easy. You can sign up for free and select work based on your star rating. The more you write for us and the more 5 star performances you provide, the more that becomes available to you. We will never charge you for using our service. We pay you for writing for us and our clients.

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Earn money being a copywriter with the copywright network. We allow you to withdraw your earnings when you reach $1.00 USD.

We have made it super simple for you to be able to earn your money from writing for our customers and then withdraw your money. Minimum withdraw is $1.00 and can be paid directly to your account or to your bitcoin address.

When you register, you will need to complete a test exam to make sure you have the desired grasp of English so that you can be successful with the copywriting network. Once you have been approved you can then start taking on written work.
Every day we have customers posting 100s of requests for a varying range of written words. From 100 word pieces all the way to 3000 word articles. You can earn money every day by writing for us and withdraw when you get to $1.00 in your account.

To begin with you will only have the lower qualified articles availble to you and you must build up your portfolio of work and earn better star ratings as you grow.
Are you considering earning money full time or on a part time basis by becoming a copywriter? You can become a professional copywriter with us and earn money every day through the copywriting network. Take on work from our customers and improve yourself in the process.

Earn money writing online

Okay, so words just pour out like honey from your pen and you’ve always been appreciated for your writing skills. People who have read your work always tell you that you write great marketing material. Are you looking forward towards making copywriting as your profession? Are you looking forward to being a writer with your copywriting skills? Know that copywriting is a major career choice that many people make these days. It is in huge demand and expert professionals in this niche are still scarce. As such the money that you can make out of your copywriting skills can be plentiful. It is a profession that is among the most highly paid ones as of date. One can easily make what is usually considered to be a handsome earning. Just that you must know how to market yourself properly and that too in the right marketplace!

Some people have that talent to play with words. However, many-a-times it is seen that copywriting skills of people go to waste, just because they are either unaware of these skills or because they do not know how to become professional writers with their copywriting skills. Being a writer with your copywriter skills is quick and easy. Follow this step by step guide to ensure your success in copywriting.

1. Limit your niche: It is good to define and outline a niche that you consider yourself good at. Now gather more and more knowledge around this niche to become a subject matter expert. Remember that fillers won’t last long. You have to have substance in your writing to make it appealing to the readers.

2. Flex your creative muscles: Practice makes a writer perfect. No matter how good you consider yourself, always create well-crafted samples of work. This would become handy when you need to showcase your work to clients, and at the same time would also be a good flex to your creative muscles.

3. Advertise Yourself: Advertise yourself as much as you can. The 21st Century has made available many options to us for easy and free advertising; like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and YouTube channels etc., which can be some good ways to promote yourself. A good way to start is by freelancing and then as you build a rapport with your clients, you can go in for full time jobs too.

4. Charge right: If you want to succeed in the long run, be honest and fair. Charge as per your skillset deserves and let your client know of your expertise level in the beginning itself. There is no end to the precision and lucidity that any writing can carry. So set the expectations right at the very beginning.

5. Avoid Burnouts: Burnout prevention is a must do. Usually an above average copywriter is overloaded with work very soon, as soon as he markets himself. But long hours of writing can sometimes lead to a burnout and affect the quality of your writing negatively. So, accept only as much as you can handle efficiently. Increase your rates rather than the number of writings if you feel you are finally getting the hang of it.

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You can withdraw your earnings from $1.00. We allow our writers to withdraw via either PayPal or Bitcoin with no fees taken from us. The money you earn is the money you keep.

How to Make Money From Copywriting

How to make money from copywriting is not all rainbows and sunshine as it might sound at first. Initially it might seem easy and quick to churn out a few articles and get paid for them. If you are into copywriting for some quick pocket money, any strategy could work. However, consistency in your work submissions and continuous client inflow are the two key things that are crucial if you want to learn how to make money from copywriting on a long-term basis. That is, if you are looking forward to making a living out of copywriting, you must know exactly how to make money from copywriting.

Three Essential Must Haves for Any Copywriter

Irrespective of the work environment you are in, as a copywriter you must have these must haves to make money out of copywriting. These are also answers on how to make money from copywriting.

1. Skill: The key to a successful position in copywriting is not just writing laboriously and accurately, but writing content in a way that adds value and appeals to the reader. That way a copywriter can achieve word of mouth publicity, every time his work is cited somewhere.

2. Look for Trending Topics: Although all of your work will be centered around assignments that clients give you, it is still a good idea to look for the latest trending topics and write for them. You can publish this on your own blogs to keep your fan following high. Remember that it is not just physical money that you get as payment for your job that counts; the publicity that you gain by writing on trending topics is also a kind of long-term investment and remuneration in some form ultimately.

3. Follow some Best Places: No matter what your mode of operation as a copywriter is, following some quality copywriting blogs and websites will help you stay updated and current. Not only can you get writing tips, you can also get tips on how to manage work efficiently and how to make money from copywriting.

Three Essential Must Haves for Freelancer Copywriters

1. Expand your working space: Always look for ways to expand your work space. There might be days when you would be flooded with work, but one must plan well in advance for comparatively lighter days too. They are going to be there for sure. Expansion can save you from this pain of emptiness and a feeling of unemployment at such times. You would always have at least some work to do if you have a handful of clients.

2. Digital Marketing: While you write and copy-write for clients with digital marketing in mind, it is a great thing if you can do it for yourself too. Fix some time for your own self daily where you write to promote your own freelancing profile. Like you can create your own marketing emails, your own blog posts and even your own website.

3. Customer Service: As a freelancer, you won’t have access to a separate customer service team that would cater your clients. You have to do it on your own and you must do it in a manner that you never lose any client. A client once converted must be a client for a lifetime. Many big copywriting agencies of today work on this principle.

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You can withdraw your earnings from $1.00. We allow our writers to withdraw via either PayPal or Bitcoin with no fees taken from us. The money you earn is the money you keep.