4 things to avoid while proofreading

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4 things to avoid while proofreading

When it comes to print and online publishing, proofreading plays a vital role in this field. Before you publishing that content to your audience, you have to be sure, you have proofread the documents and write up. Being certain of the document you are sending to the press or to your platform contains the right information and wouldn't sound lame is main goal of proofreading.

But before you go for proofreading make sure you first edit, it may become stressful if you are going to look for every error at proofreading stage.

To enable you achieve more, you may have to make some guidelines to follow.

1). Use a checklist

Try to create a list of want you maybe looking out for. Such as noun, and verbs.

2). Fact check

Make sure your fact are right, by proofreading you maybe getting a second chance to double check your fact and to perfect any fact that go wrong.

When your a doing a proofreading

3). Spell check

This is one of the major focus of a proofreader, before a printout, you must ensure you are sending you a document free of errors. You can easily check for spell check electronically using system applications.

4). Read aloud

Reading the write-up, allows give you more opportunities of spotting errors, especially missing article or repeated words.

5). Focus

When it comes to proofreading you may lose focus easily, which may reduce your chance of spotting your errors easily. When your are proofing a written document to enable you focus make use of a ruler to increase your focus. This helps you to keep your focus and discourage your from reading too fast.

When your a doing a proofreading for a document, you must obviously watch out for some of these issues

4 things to avoid while proofreading

1). Spelling errors

You must be able to identify spelling error in your write-up, to avoid sending a bad write-up to the prints.

2). Punctuation marks

You may look out for commas and question marks. Confirm if you are using the right punctuation mark at the right place, although you may fall within a particular region which as different spelling or English structure. Your goal as a proofreader should be to produce a write-up that is standard for all consumption.

3). Know your audience

If you are writing for a brand or a company this we let you know how you should direct the perspective of the writing to be targeted towards the right audience. Also, if you are proofreading for someone as favor or as job, you should be able to know their niche to know if the content fit right to be published.

4). Don't alter the content

Most times, writer have ways and method they use while writing, don't steal the beauty of the write-up while you attempt to perfect the English structure.

All this may not be one-way solution to doing a good proofreading service but following these guidelines effectively may help you attain a job well done. Take your time and build yourself before going out there taking any proofreading job, if you are good at it, you may be making good money as a freelancer.

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