5 Places to Find Copywriting Jobs

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5 Places to Find Copywriting Jobs

When you are a newbie copywriter, it may be a challenge to find genuine and well-paying jobs. It is also a daunting task to ensure that the gigs you are searching for are legitimate rather than scams. The web is awash with people who are prepared to pay a premium for your copywriting skills. Whether you are an editor, a copywriter or academic writer or any other freelance writer, these sites will offer you a reliable and well-paying job.

Read on to discover some of the best places you can find online copywriting gigs.

1. Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs is among the leading job sites for work-from-home jobs that allows you to create a profile for a customized job search to match your unique needs. There are multiple job categories under “Writing”. Therefore, you need to choose your preferred job category, your desired work routine, and your level of experience, to fine-tune your search queries. Also, you can set notifications so that you are alerted when jobs that suit your search parameters are posted.

The regular emails sent by Sonia

2. Solid Gigs

Solid Gigs is partly a productivity tool and partly a job board since they save you hours of combing job sites. They select the top jobs from all over the internet and put them together into weekly newsletters, including telecommuting opportunities. You will also access dozens of tutorials on freelance writing, together with customized job openings, and interactions with professional freelance writers.

3. Opportunities of the Week

The regular emails sent by Sonia Weiser have become indispensable for many freelancers. She collects hundreds of Twitter pitch calls and sends them every week to her network. Sonia provides the service via Patreon, whereby she demands a donation of $3 per month and sponsors anyone who cannot afford it. She provides career tips, information on how much various copywriting companies pay, as well as other valuable connections and freelance writing jobs.

4. Freelance Writers Den

This membership website by Carol Tice is much more than a freelance job center. For $25 per month, you'll have access to dozens of boot camps from where you will learn how you can earn a living as a freelancer. You will also have access to several platforms where you can ask any questions. Also, Carol's team publishes job listings on its job board every fortnight. It is important to consider this site if you are passionate about freelance writing.

5. ProBlogger Job Board

This expert blogging site was created by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger. The freelance jobs posted here are from genuine employers with a sense of what quality writing is. Due to ProBlogger's high profile in the blogosphere, established bloggers also consider jobs listed here. Interestingly, they also post a big dose of copywriting gigs that you can explore.

If you are starting as a freelance writer, it is enticing to be drawn into content-mills such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Guru where you may have a good chance of landing a gig. Although it may seem that such platforms are your best options, they are mostly a long shot when it comes to winning a job. Such platforms are a scramble for the cheapest bidder, and you are up against dozens of other struggling freelancers who are willing to sell their lastborn for the opportunity to write an article for someone.

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