5 ways to find freelance copywritng projects

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5 ways to find freelance copywritng projects

Finding a freelance copywriting job is not something that is hard so long as you recognize where to search. Even as a beginner, you still stand a brilliant chance of hitting an excellent job easier than expected. However, to know how you can get through this and the ways you can look for freelance copywriting jobs, this article will guide you through the 5 different ways below.

1. Cold Pitching

This is an interesting way that you can hit recurring gigs even as a beginner. In case you are wondering what Cold Pitching is, we've got your back. Cold Pitching is the act of contacting companies, entrepreneurs, bloggers, small businesses and so on to help grow their business with your freelancing skills. This is more like contacting your clients directly.

If you are new in freelancing, by now you must have been scared and worried of how you can contact these set of people mentioned above. However, the pleasant news is, it is easy to do it. All you have to do is to find a business you can “cold pitch” to. Your best chance is looking out for the businesses without blogs but are supposed to have one, then you draft out a cold pitch and send to them. The Cold Pitching you sent should include who you are, how you found out about them, and how you wish to help them with your content. This can also work for individuals or businesses seeking to grow their social media presence.

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2. Pitching To Job Board Ad

Responding to job ad as a freelance copywriter (even beginners) is a sure bet. This is no doubt one of the major ways new writers used to get excellent jobs. To crown it all, as a new freelance copywriter, it helps builds your confidence. There are free job boards and paid job boards that you can pitch to. However, we will advise you to go for the free job boards first to build your confidence and reputation before turning your direction to paid job boards. Some free job boards you can pitch to are Problogger, Blogging Pro, Contena and so on.

3. Ask Around

This might seem too odd for you but believe it or not, it is important. Letting your friends and families know about what you are getting into is a magnificent way to advertise yourself. Also, you can go further by helping your friends and family members edit their resume or write an ad for their coffee shop. You can never tell what exactly the future holds for you. They could end up being the first client you ever had and thereby providing you with your first testimonial. You can likewise create your business cards that you can give to these colleagues and families of yours.

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Apart from writing for your families and friends, you can also get the opportunity to meet with new freelance writers in town. This is a splendid chance for you because one of these writers you meet can be of substantial help to your writing career.

4. Use Your Website

One of the best ways to land a quality client is to use your website. Your site should be looking professional and have great quality contents in it. However, some might wonder how they will go about this because they don't have a site. Well, if that be the case for you, we've got your back.

Another option for writing on a site to attract quality client without owning a site is by “guest posting”. Not just guest posting, but you should guest post great quality contents for free. This can also work for freelance writers that have a professional website already. Because when you “guest post” on popular sites, your write-up will be seen by thousands of individuals. You never can tell, among these thousands of individuals might be your client who may fall in love with your write-up and contact you. If you are asking how you can get such sites, all you have to do is type “niche write for us” on Google. For example, “SEO write for us”.

5 ways to find freelance copywritng projects

5. Freelancing Websites

There are sites that connects writers and clients together on their platform. Many of these sites have mobile application and are doing an impressive job getting writers to find jobs easily on their site. Example of such sites are Freelancer, Upwork, PeoplePerHour and so on.

All you have to do is sign up on these platforms and set up your profile in an excellent way it will match a client's taste. After that, you can either bid on a job project, or post offers for clients. This is one popular way that freelance copywriters get jobs with top paying rates so easily.

So, with all that have been said, you can now see the five best ways to get freelance copywriting projects even as a beginner. Although it can take time and hard work, but once you land your first job, the rest will become easy.

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