5 Ways to Increase Interest, Passion, & Motivation to Write

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5 Ways to Increase Interest, Passion, & Motivation to Write

Writing is a tedious activity. Reading other people's works is also dull. Thinking and typing in front of a computer screen are not only tired but also makes the body aches and headaches—headache from overthinking.

Then, how to overcome this? What is the reason behind feeling lazy when writing? Why is writing a tedious activity? Why just fun at the beginning?

1. You May Not Have a Strong Reason, Why Want to Write at the Beginning.

You read a book. The book makes you feel inspired, even motivated to write a similar book. But, when you do it, and you stop in the middle of the road. Ideas and plans only become discourse and never become a reality.

This is a common mistake made by novice writers. They do not have a good reason why they wrote for the first time. Because there is no compelling reason, the consistency of writing depends on the mood. When the mood is wrong, then he stops writing.

To increase writing motivation, you must create a strong reason.

However, if you are experienced, even

If the reason is 'want to be a best-seller writer, 'then you will stop writing when the first book fails to become a best-seller.

However, if the reason is 'want to change the way of thinking that is still traditional,' for example, then it is okay if your book does not become a best-seller because you know very well that your book still changes the way of thinking of people who read it.

2. You Are Unaware of the Benefits of Reading (and the benefits of writing).

Writing is useful to improve the way of thinking. The script is also helpful for expressing your ideas and thoughts, inspiring those who need inspiration. It is also useful to aligning views, making yourself smarter and broader insight, and understanding how people in general think.

Nevertheless, you only realize the benefits of writing in theory and not with experience. Without the experience of writing for an extended period, the benefits of the activities you have been doing will be felt in vain, as if writing has no interest.

However, if you are experienced, even without motivation or encouragement to write, and often get a response from the reader, then the benefits of your writing will be increasingly felt. The more you write, the higher the motivation. The higher the motivation, the more people will like our script.

For those of you who like

3. You Dare not force yourself to continue writing.

For some inexperienced people, writing is a creative activity whose ideas cannot be forced to emerge and only arise by waiting for the purpose to come out of the mind by itself. This is wrong thinking.

Opinion can also be drawn from the problems of life that are not yet finished. A concept can also be obtained from the dark past or the dreamed future. Perception can also be taken from trends that are eating away in society.

Ideas can be obtained from anywhere. As long as the mind is clear and can think, then ideas will flow by themselves. Once it does not flow, it can still get ideas, even though the ideas are not perfect.

4. Writing is not needed to be rushed. Think Slowly.

For those of you who like to read, reading writings written by writers who are in a rush to write will look great. His writing was disheveled as if he could not think—poor choice of words. The flow is unclear. The discussion skipped. Lots of word wastage. Difficult to understand.

5 Ways to Increase Interest, Passion, & Motivation to Write

For better writing, then clear your mind first. Stress and too much thinking about other things make writing imperfect, which ends with a loss of interest and motivation in writing.

5. You rarely read books or read other people's works.

Interest, motivation, or 'passion' in writing is down because you cannot measure the quality of your writing. Because you do not know the quality of your work, you also lose enthusiasm because you doubt too much about your work that is not yet as perfect as your idol's work.

This is the beginner writer's mistake. They compare too many early works that are not perfect, with the work of their idols who previously had published many books. Because of much comparison, self-confidence was reduced.

Then, what's the solution?

Easy. Read many books and read more.

It was starting from books that are poorly written, to the best. From the most straightforward, such as motivation to the most substantial such as philosophical books, fiction to non-fiction. the less popular ones to the best-sellers and the local to foreign-language imported books.

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