7 Surefire tips to give Your creativity a mega boost

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7 Surefire tips to give Your creativity a mega boost

Creativity is the ability to come up with new and innovative ideas that not only work, but are also original. For many people, being creative is something that comes as a challenge, and for good reason, too. Making up new concepts and ideas is not easy, especially in today’s over saturated world; many things have been done many times, and people feel all the original ideas have been used. False, whether it is a book, a song, or any form of media, there are still many unused concepts, but we need to find them. All you need to do is give your creative mind a little boost; this can be done effectively in the following ways:

1. First, Realize That no "Original Work" is Truly Original, They All Have Their Special Hook.

We all know how much it is stressed to come up with “original” ideas, but even so you need to know the truth; nothing is original. Take for example, the popular Shakespearean book, “Romeo and Juliet”. As much as it is appraised, it boils down to boy meets girl; boy loses girl; and then boy manages to find girl. What makes this book stand out is its ‘special flare’; it is not like every other story out there. But what makes it different from other boy meets girl stories, is how Shakespeare has managed to add some qualities that you will not find anywhere, such as the infamous ending.

2. Know When You Are Most Effective, And Use it to Your Advantage.


Everyone has that one time of day that their drive to work and work efficiency reaches an all-time high. A number of factors such as, meals, schedules, sleep-time, and others may affect this. But you should know what times your creative juices start flowing, and why. During those hours, work harder than you usually would, and think more deeply as well.

3. Do a Substantial Amount of Work Every Single Day, Not Just Work, But Good Work.

This may seem somewhat counterintuitive, as many may feel that “daily nonsense” is still nonsense. But the truth is, that by creating ‘new’ concepts and ideas every day, you are filtering through what could work and what could not. Also, this point is not just telling you to work every day, it is telling you to do it right. If you feel like some ideas don’t work, keep them and keep on mixing them up with more concepts. Your mind will eventually make the necessary connections and you might end up with something amazing.

4. Change-Up Your Lifestyle.


Sometimes, the reason you are experiencing a creative slump is that your body is tired of the mundane feeling of daily life. Your mind is not at rest, and so your creative ability takes a serious hit. To fix this, consider taking up a new hobby, try new foods, or even go as far as taking a vacation. All this is to give your mind a chance to rest and gain new experiences, these new experiences will surely spark some creativity within you.

5. Ensure to Avoid Close Mindedness, You Should be Ready to Welcome The Most Outlandish Ideas.

When we brainstorm new possibilities, we tend to come across certain ideas or concepts that seem just too outlandish to ever have a chance of coming to fruition. This is exactly where open mindedness comes in, as it aids your receptiveness to new perspectives, possibilities, and ideas. As stressed before, never throw an idea out the window because you feel it may not have potential, as the strangest things can actually be the most real.

6. Explore New Possible Sources of Inspiration by Looking In Places You Never Would.

7 Surefire Tips to Give Your Creativity a Mega Boost

When thinking of new ideas, it is important to know that sometimes, and for some people, these things do not just happen. Exploring fields that you may have never checked can be quite effective, as they move you to ask questions and develop answers you may never have thought of. See a new movie; try out new music and attempt to read books of a completely different genre. The answer to your question maybe in places you never expected. So with that in mind, don't be afraid to explore new horizons.

7. Conduct Sufficient Research on What The Hypnopompic State is, And Learn to Use it.

The hypnopompic state can be defined as the period of coming out of sleep. During this period, we are left with vivid mental images in our heads, as we are usually just coming out of REM sleep, when most of our dreaming occurs. Using this technique, your brain is at its creative peak, and the most unreal ideas tend to surface. This method will take a few days, and a bit of research to perfect, but the end result will be well worth it.


Creativity, no matter what industry you work in, is very much vital as without it, redundancy and unoriginality can easily set in. The tips provided in this article are sure to give your creative mind the jolt it needs to perform as required.

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