Benefits of writing

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Benefits of writing

Writing is a skill which is used to channel ideas inform of words which are built by joint of symbols and characters to form a meaningful set. In some areas of the world writing is a skill that separates educated from uneducated people. Since everybody can speak then writing is used to describe the educational status an individual possess. Writing systems or methods falls into five major categories alphabetic, featural, ideographic, syllabic and logographic.

Logographic is the writing system that is compatible and represents the Chinese letters best. It is based on the idea of simplicity since it replaces words with pictorial symbols. For example the word beautiful can be presented as a picture of a man with a huge headdress and ram's horns on top.

Alphabetic writing system is the most

Featural writing system is based on how characters or symbols are used to represent features rather than phonemes. The Korean language writing style bears this feature making it appear real unique. On the other hand ideographic writing system is flexible and can be practiced anywhere in the world regardless of the language used. It resembles pictogram but only it is enhanced, examples includes warning signs like no smoking, do not cross.

Alphabetic writing system is the most common and widely practiced and adopted writing system. It includes a mixture of vowels and consonants to create different kinds of words. English is one of the language employing this kind of writing system but also, Chinese and Koreans have also employed this writing system. Also, syllabic is presented by a group of features that represent symbols to make up a morpheme. It can only be practiced and presented by languages with easy and we'll defined syllable structure like Japanese language.

Writing has become a source of

World War 2 was the most dangerous of all wars since Adam was created, it caused massive destruction of materials leading to huge losses. The blame was focussed on Germans for starting the war and forced to pay losses the winning nations have suffered. But, all this was started by a mere book written by Hitler while in jail. The writing in the book had the power to influence and move the nation to believe the Germans are the superior race and should not bossed by the league of nations and the tripple alliance. Therefore, writings carry heavy message which may appear entertaining but has the power to sway majority of the people and change their perspectives.

Writing has become a source of employment to most people and also, it is among the means of attaining success. Through writing copywriters, accountants, teachers and other groups they get their daily bread. Also, writing presented inform of financial documents can help people and companies to track their finances and plan an appropriate route to success.

Benefits of writing

Keeping up is what summarizes major phrases like time is money and, punctuality and discipline is the key to success. Writing helps you to keep up with your daily activities by managing time while enhancing panctuality and discipline. Routines and daily schedules pinned at the board in different workstations helps to guide workers to archieve their required tasks on time.

Stress is a major psychological condition that affects majority of the people causing psychological effect on their body. Recently writings have become a magic wand to control stress through a stress diary. People can note down the hardships they have encountered which helps them to be relieved of stress haunting them. Writing in stress diary is similar to contolling stress by talking to someone but only here you will be talking inform of symbols and characters written on a paper.

The brain cells are the longest living cells in the body and they can exist for our entire life. Though the brain cells are active all the time still data stored in the memory centre is continuously lost throughout our life. Here is where writing comes into play since, data stored in written form can exist for a long time when stored perfectly. The letters of Paul to Corinthians and Ephesians almost two thousand years ago were still present when Tyndale published the first English version of the Bible in 1535. Also, accient Egyptian writings are still present even when am writing this article and still have a gurantee they will exist for another millennium. There is a saying that says "documents never lie" since they can exist for a long time and whenever a person wants to review certain things they can still find them.

Generally, writings have existed for a long time even before when Noah constructed the architecture of the ship intended to save mankind. Also, writing has major benefits to students who are constantly taking notes or when people are informed through written materials like letters.

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