Best Ways To Write A Good Essay Without Plagiarism

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Best Ways To Write A Good Essay Without Plagiarism

Plagiarism is using someone else's ideas as your own, without quoting or referencing the owner or the writer as a source and it is labeled as intelligence property theft. It is considered a criminal offense and it is just as good as theft of goods, here are some tips on how you can avoid plagiarizing when writing an essay.

1. Brainstorming Tour Own Ideas Around The Topic,

Brainstorming is at the heart of any good essay, before anything you must use a mind map to come up with ideas for your essay. The trick is to write down absolutely everything that comes to your mind when thinking about the topic, no matter how relevant or irrelevant. When you are done noting your ideas on a mind map, you can then read them one by one. You can then erase the ideas that you feel are irrelevant or won't give you too much to write about and jot down your chosen ideas on a new page.


2. Do Some Research,

You can then start doing some research about each of your ideas that you wrote down. And when you find the correct and relevant information from other sources, read it with understanding. While at that, make sure that you avoid taking notes or writing anything down. Because taking notes might prevent your brain from processing and understanding the information differently from how it is presented. When you have a clear understanding of the topic and all the information around it then you are more likely to have additional ideas or even questions about the topic. That will allow you to write it down in your understanding and using your own words.

3. Draw The Structure Of Your Essay,


The structure is one of the most important elements of any good essay. It serves as a guide to the construction of the essay and structure helps writers avoid repeating the same ideas or information. When you have successfully brainstormed your ideas and finished doing your research and you have a clear understanding of the topic, you will know how each idea connects to the other. From there, you can start planning the structure of your essay, associating each idea with a paragraph or a section.

Any good essay structure consists of an introduction, where a writer normally introduces the topic by giving a brief description or definition. Followed by the body, where the main information is presented in paragraphs made of 4 to 8 sentences and each paragraph must be based on one topic. And then lastly, it is the conclusion where the writer concludes by giving his opinion. And sometimes advice relevant to the topic or what was discussed in the body of the essay.

4. Write Your Essay,


When you have the structure of your essay in place, you can then start writing your essay. When writing your essay you must always go back to the mind map and start writing about each idea on that mind map. You mustn't think of the information you got from the other sources because you might be tempted to copy it but you must rather focus on what you know. That way you will start writing the essay the only way you understand the topic, using your words and ideas.

You must also remember to always add your ideas or even try to answer your questions around the topic or what you read from other sources. If there are some facts or statistics involved that you won't be able to rephrase, you then need to quote the source. Remember to do this a by including the quotation marks (") and state the name of the source. You also need to always include your sources as references to your essay and you can use the Harvard referencing methods at the end of your essay.

5. Use An Online Plagiarism Checker,

Best Ways To Write A Good Essay Without Plagiarism

Technology today provides you with all the tools you need to check and assess how much of your work is plagiarized. This is through different plagiarism checkers that are available online and most of these tools are mostly affordable and some are even free to use. After you finish writing your essay, it will be wise to use the plagiarism checker to your advantage and assess your work. That way you will know which text or sentences need improvement and you can try to paraphrase or rephrase those sentences to improve your plagiarism percentage score.

And when you finally get a green light from the online plagiarism checker, you will know that you are good to go. Grammarly, Plagiarism Detector, DupliChecker, Guetext, and Plagiarism are some plagiarism checking tools available for free. The best thing about online plagiarism checkers is that most of them don't only check for plagiarism but it checks for grammar and spelling errors as well.

6. Edit And Submit,

Editing is a major important part of your writing, that helps you ensure that you are delivering the work with the best quality. Part of editing is checking for grammar and spelling errors, sentence structure, paragraph structure, and readability. This will help you ensure that your essay is easily readable and understandable, engaging and well-structured. Some good qualities of a good essay that you must thrive for are a good choice of words, the fair use of passive and active voice, as well as punctuation. And you can start drafting the final essay when you are done editing and are positive and confident about your work. Check again for plagiarism and then submit if everything is good to go.

In conclusion, plagiarism can be completely avoided and it is possible to write a great essay or paper without having to plagiarize. The key to a plagiarism-free essay is thinking out of the box and writing according to your understanding of the topic. However, if it happens that you have to use data or information collected from another writer or source, you should then quote and mention the name of the source or use the Harvard Referencing Method to reference the text.

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