Boost Your Blogging Skills With These Tricks

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Boost Your Blogging Skills With These Tricks


Before the modern era of digitalization, newspapers, magazines, and comics were the only platform where a writer would start his career to attain professionalism. However, times have changed and so have the platform. Anyone can become a writer by just sitting at home and uploading his/her writings over the internet. They can create their web portal called “blog” and display their works for random audiences. Depending on their popularity or quality of the articles, online companies heir them to write for them. Blogs can be used for various purposes such as marketing, advertising, selling products, entertainment, information and many more.

Starting a blog is very easy. The steps for starting a blog are:

1. Select a name for your blog

2. Look for a website that supports beginners to start their blogs such as BlogSpot, Wix, and Bluehost.

To help write a good blog

3. Think about a subject or theme for your blog

4. Register a domain for your blog so that people can search for your blog

5. Upload your articles, paintings, comics, journals, plays, songs, audio, etc.

See, starting a blog is so easy. But uploading articles is a bit challenging. Getting positive ratings and a large number of the viewer is even more challenging. On average, 4.4 million blog posts are published each day! Surprising, isn’t it? Imagine your posts whirling among all those 4.4 million posts. The probability of people reading or visiting your site is very negligible. But, you can increase your chances of making a stand out there. You need to get yourself out of the cliché the world is congested with. When someone will visit your site, he/she will do with the hope of finding something new. Something that will make your site unique. A new design perhaps? No, not. Appearance is deceptive. A common proverb. Then, what will make your blog unique and different?

To help write a good blog let me explain some simple tricks you need to adopt in your writing technique to stand out.


1. Get yourself organized

You may have great ideas. But due to your poor organization skills, your chronological arrangement of ideas may falter, resulting in an unbalanced article having the most important points at the bottom with the rest of the article filled up with plane text or clichés. To improve the organization skills you need to be smart enough to understand the subject you are writing on and prioritize the points that people will look for first. After a brief introduction, write a summary of the points the person will read later in your article. This is important because people may not have time to go through the entire article. They may be interested in the points you have pondered upon. Hence, a look glance of the point will help him and he will visit your site henceforth for its time-efficient. After the summary, you can go on to explain each point with adequate information and pictures.

2. Update your blog posts

I would like to read an encyclopedia written in the 19th century or read its latest issued released recently. Of course, you will go to the recent one. Similarly, many blog posts get outdated. This may happen because of the rapid development taking place around the globe. Everything evolves in their ways. Your blog posts should also get evolved with time. Often, people may visit the same site more than once. If he doesn’t find anything new then he would prefer not visiting the site longer. Updating your blog posts with a new context every month would boost your blog.

3. Update yourself

Boost Your Blogging Skills With These Tricks

Lots of people believe writing a lot improves your writing skills. But it’s just a myth. Reading is the key to become a better writer. Unless you expose yourself to better-written articles, books, magazines, and comics, you will never improve. Reading a lot of books can help you not only to attain more knowledge and writing material but also improve your vocabulary, writing skills, style, structure and many more. Few books you should read to improve your writing skills are On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction, by William Zinsser, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, by Stephen King, and The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, by Julia Cameron.

4. Research

Before you start writing make sure you know what you are writing about. More importantly- what is already written on the subject you are writing about? If you have access to the internet, go through the existing articles already written by other writers. Get hold of their views. This point is to help you to brush up your knowledge and eliminate whatever common points are there in your mind; don’t get into plagiarism.

5. Brush up your basics

This is the most important point. Many writers are on the wrong impression that they are perfect in the language they are writing. Such a wrong notion prevents them to improve their grammar skills. Even the best writers make gross errors such as wrong punctuation, prepositions, spellings, conjunctions, parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, and figures of speech. Revising the basic lessons you have studied in lower grades can help you to improve your writing skills. Thousands of articles are rejected based on gross errors that the writer makes; driving the companies into vivid scrutiny of your work.

In conclusion, a blog comprises of those contents which people need daily. Upload posts to your blog page from time to time. And add a comment section so that viewers can share their views. Their reviews are important in building up your blog.

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