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Did you know this? Approximately 281300 people are into the writing profession as Authors, Writers, and Editors, and they write on specific topics, incidents, ideas, events, etc. They write because they think they have the skills and knowledge to write on something. I would not say that it is an easy job, but these many people write. Well, if you think you can write too then, you should start writing on anything at the initial level, and you never know you might be the best among these many people around the world. If you don't know how to write? No worries, I am going to give you some tips that you can apply if you are a beginner or a pro.

Here are some tips you can apply when you start writing:

1.) Know what you are good at and write about yourself first.

2.) Read as many books as you can, or you can refer to blogs, articles online if you are a tech gig.

3.) Stick to your way of writing, don't copy from anyone.

4.) When you write, do not use passive voice, Try to use active voice if possible.

5.) Do proper research on a particular topic and then start writing


6.) Avoid adverbs

7.) When you write, try to write as if you are talking to someone and asking the question if needed, it makes the article engaging and exciting to the reader

8.) Do not get distracted when you write. Try to write in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

9.) Use quotes phrases and interesting old saying if needed. Try to create your quotes.

10.) If you are writing for the last one or two hours, take a break and then continue.

11.) Give more and more examples to make the audience understand

12.)Use some hidden words which only you know in your every article, which makes you different than other's writing.


For instance: I always write "No worries" in every article or post, which makes me unique. This is my secret sharing with you to make you understand. Do not tell anyone else. If in case, someone copies your content or someone refuses and says that they have not written the article, you can prove yourself that you have written the article or not.

13.) Always take pride when you write. It will motivate you to write more and more.

14.) Try to be available on social media and know the trend, influencers in the writing profession. It can give you an idea about which topic to write and how to write.

15.) Try to add images or videos or reference links for engaging more readers on different posts from one post. You can use the other content you wrote.

16.) Do not make grammar mistakes. If you think that you might face some issues, then use tools available online on search engines. You will find so many FREE tools to check your content in terms of grammar check.

17.) Do not get discouraged if you get negative comments. Always stay positive and keep writing. You will automatically get used to it and will start writing good content.

Following the tips mentioned above, can you make a great writer and you will get success. So be happy, keep smiling and start writing from now on.

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