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We live in world where opportunities to learn are limitless, and the then need for content creators are in constant demand. Content varies in a wide spectrum of reading levels from beginner to advanced. If you fancy the idea of becoming an engineer of mentally nourishing content, it is important to take note of and understand the level of content which are being made available to readers.

Here are some tips to aspiring writers who want to create short stories:

1) If you're creating short stories for young people, particularly for the ages 4-8, the book is to have a particular appearance and word selection.

a) Color and imagery

Books for youngsters should have vivid and attractive colors that will keep young minds interested and anxiously waiting for that bed-time story with mommy or daddy. The book should also contain images as to give the young mind the opportunity to link an image to a word. Image of a pig and knowing what it looks like.

These age groups are more in

b) The level of vocabulary should also be within the youngster's understanding ability.

c) The book should also give the youngster an opportunity to learn and differentiate one alphabet to the next, as well as numbers.

2) Short stories for intermediate readers need not have pictures, but the level of vocabulary content in the short story should be relevant to the age group.

a) Word choices

These age groups are more in a position to process and understand information. It is important to keep the book age appropriate and relevant to the genre. At the same time the choice of words should encourage the reader to make use of a dictionary at least twice per 50 words in the short story, this approach doesn't only improve the reader's reading ability, but it also improves the readers vocabulary.


b) Start and finish

The length of the story becomes a determining factor of whether or not the reader will be eager enough to pick up a next good read. Most intermediate readers possess a short attention span, so to keep the reader interested within the limitations of their attention span, the start of the book has to remain interesting and rapidly approaching the nitty-gritty of the story.

3) Advanced readers, are readers that already possess a brilliant vocabulary and will question and criticize any content that appears to not meet recognized grammatical, punctuation and language use standards.

a) These stories will be long and contain an attractive prologue allowing the reader to gain a sense of what the book/story is about. The cover page and name of the story should have a title and a image that complement one another. It would be completely contradictory to have an erotic image and then have a title such as 'How Jack solved the case of the missing preacher.'

b) Transitioning from one scene to the next should be seamless but taking into consideration the tone and the scene/image being created.

For future writers who are eager to occupy a position within the content creating fields, it is best to start at levels that are easier and gradually grow into the writing of advanced stories.

Kiddies books are often not longer than 100 words give or take, this therefore gives the writer/content creator an opportunity to work on other aspects of the book to make it more interesting and exciting.

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