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Writing a 10-page paper either for a school project, research, or a job requirement can sometimes be an overwhelming task especially if the topic requires the writer to have a piece of prior knowledge to be able to share with his audience. Sometimes it takes one to read more books, surf on the internet, look for magazines, interview relevant people, watch and listen to the news online to be able to express his ideas as clearly as possible to the audience. The following is a list of tips for one to be able to write a 10-page paper effectively.

1. Write your thoughts with conciseness and clarity.

Writing a 10-page paper requires one to be an effective messenger in a way that he or she can express his thoughts and ideas with conciseness and clarity. Conciseness and clarity are two factors that need to be considered in writing a 10-page paper because a writer may tend to sometimes over-explain the ideas to be able to reach for the required number of pages, but he or she may have missed writing the ideas straight to the point using the right details to put these ideas in a clear context.

2. Do some proofreading.


A 10-page paper can be a lengthy written material and therefore there are lots of chances of grammar mistakes, or to ensure that the paper conveys well the right message to its readers. The purpose of proofreading is to make sure the written paper is error-free. It is a very important and useful process of writing that helps the writer to identify and correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary errors. Sometimes it takes one to learn the rules of writing and then learn when and how to break them.

3. Cite examples.

This is a very ideal tip on writing a 10-page paper. When the writer finds it difficult to explain the points, it is best to use concrete examples and relate the ideas into real-life experiences to connect well to the readers.

4. Use proper font size and style.


Using proper font size and style can be a good way of writing a 10-page paper. Choosing the right font size and style does not only make your paper reach the number of pages required, but it also helps to make it more presentable, genuine and appealing to the readers.

5. Establish the requirements.

Writing a paper can sometimes make the writer scramble upon his ideas and there’s a tendency of jumping off from one point to the other which only confuses the readers. Establishing the requirements before writing a paper can help the writer ensure that there is a proper flow of ideas and correct sequencing of events. Aside from that, it also serves as a checklist that helps to ensure that every requirement is fully met, well-accounted, and included in the paper.

6. Review the paper before submission.

Before submitting the paper, the final step is to do necessary reviews to ensure nothing is missed.

Make sure the overall written piece is comprehensive and can deliver the right message to the audience.

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