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Anyone can have thoughts on writing a book. But, not everyone can become a great writer. This world has only one Rowling and for a good reason too. Many might have passion for writing or have a plot which could be converted into a great book. But, a plain plot just with a few characters and a plain story never makes its way to the spotlight.

One should remember that they are writing for their readers not for themselves. So, the more readers you get, the more popular your book becomes. There are a few tricks to make your readers indulge in your writing.


Discover your uniqueness that is the first and foremost step. Each writer has their own style of writing which comes under a particular category of writing. For example : Blogs, Articles, Poetry, Quotes, Novels, Short stories etc.. So, find out under which category your writing comes. Find it out and improve it accordingly.


This is another spoiler to readers

Before writing something, sort out to which type of audience you are writing. Find out which age group it would attract the most. Whether a teen or an old person. Once you sort that out, write in a style that would make your readers relate to themselves. They should read your writing and have a thought in their minds like,"Wow, this is me". This is a fool proof method used by successful writers.


Don't just write some fillers or something which has nothing to do with your plot. Always revolve around the plot. Because, fillers makes audience get bored and confused. It makes no sense. Audience are ready to ditch reading a book even if a page had some nonsense in it. The audience of today are really busy in their own lives. If you want them to read a book, it must make some sense.


This is another spoiler to readers when it comes to reading a book. Some books have too much of description about a particular place or a character. For example : John is sitting in his couch which has flower prints that are red in color placed above a smooth tiles which also has flower patterns in them and also red in color. Please spare the audience these kind of details. It will only kill their curiosity.



This is like a double-edged sword. If used perfectly, this could elevate the readers' curiosity and engages them into the plot. This twist should have some logic in them. If it lacks logic, then it is nothing but another spoiler to your writing and kills the plot. Again, pushing the readers away from the story.


Conflicts are also a key element which plays an active role behind the success of every good book. These conflicts majorly comes like the protagonist against the antagonist or protagonist against this world etc... But, it commonly revolves around how the protagonist faces various challenges that comes in his path when he was chasing his passion/love/whatever.



When it come to writing, choose to stick with your original ideas. Don't copy from other stories or scripts. Because, the readers are already tired of reading a whole bunch of similar stories which revolves around the same plot over and over again with some alternations in them. Your ideas and plot must be creative enough which could attract your audience like a magnet.


Well, while writing something the title and description are very important. Because, that was the very first impression through which the readers decide whether or not to read it. The title must be catchy and relevant to the story. When it comes to the description, don't spill the details and the whole story there. Give certain hints and build up the curiosity.


Be secretive and don't give away the whole plot's purpose within the first few chapters of your story. Maintain a steady and interesting plot with a few twists in the beginning which would guide the whole story to flow perfectly. Build as much tension as you can and never let the readers guess where the story goes. The ending should be really unexpected and the audience shouldn't have a single clue on what it would be.

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