Copywriting: How Many Words per Hour?

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Copywriting: How Many Words per Hour?

Copywriting is the process of writing materials for promotions or advertisements that help in the selling of products or services. A copywriter helps in convincing individuals to purchase a product or service by reaching them through blogs, billboards or magazines. Copywriting is mainly about two things: the knowledge that you have about a product and implementation.

The number of words that a copywriter can write in an hour depends on several facts. Before you can write about something, you have to fully understand it so that you can have something persuasive to say about it. For example, you should know the features of the product, how it works and the various benefits to the clients. This means getting to do more research and review and thinking to ensure you develop a high-quality piece.

Once, the writer has collected all

Moreover, it’s always important to write down all the information you need to know about the product before you start. This will always save you time whenever you start your project. Gathering more information about a product entails getting to do a clear product description and writing what's special about the product that it offers that others don’t. Also, the benefits of using that product, what a customer looks in a product and more importantly understanding the target population for the product. Therefore, the gathering of all this information is crucial and determines the time and quality of work a copywriter will produce.

Once, the writer has collected all this information and gotten a clear understanding of the subject of interest they can commence on writing a unique quality piece.

If a beginner takes less time

A copywriter who is a beginner should write at least an article of 300 words for 1 hour. This is because the writer is still new in the area, without enough experience in writing consistently. Moreover, considering that for some articles you need to add images and links. All these things take a little bit longer especially when you are new in copywriting.

If a beginner takes less time to write an article, this might compromise the quality of the work because when an article is rushed, there is always a high probability of grammatical errors, shallowness, and few sources. Low quality work decreases the value of ones, blog, web page and may result in little or no traffic to your work. For experienced writers, they should write at least 500-word within an hour. As a person writes articles over and over consistently, the speed increases.


Writing skills are improved with doing more practice, therefore writers should be consistent with their writing. There might be some challenges in copywriting that can affect the number of words a person writes in an hour such as burnout which might be due to the long-form of copywriting that is an intense activity. Also, the comfort ability and passion of the writer to the topic at hand might affect the speed of typing.

Furthermore, at times the quality of work is measured with the length of the article. This might not be the case, because what really matters is the time and effort put when writing the article. Therefore, depending on the speed that the writer uses to write an article, it can either be a simple filler, unoriginal and uninspiring and a thought-provoking memorable article. A simple filler article is one that is written very fast about 300-400 words in less than an hour. This type of article contains a lot of junk information, with no finessing and polishing and it’s the type of article that one wouldn’t want to read.

The well written unoriginal article is one that the writer can develop in 1-3 hours but with a simple topic and its logic is also simple. Lastly, the thought-provoking article is one that's worth reading. The content writer takes adequate time to be creative, think and research on the subject of interest. This type of article takes more than 3 hours to write, review and make any possible errors before posting it to a blog or web page. Such an article would drive traffic to your blog or web page because of its quality and it is appealing to your customers.

Therefore, in copywriting quality of the piece is vital compared to the number of words in it. Do more research and write a unique piece that will be catchy to your audience and drive more traffic to view your content.

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