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Copywriting has become common in the recent past, many businesses have integrated the use of Copywriting to help in marketing of services and products.

Copywriting is the activity or job of coming up with a text with the intentions of creating awareness of a product, service, organization, or company. A copy is composed with a motive of marketing and to persuade targeted consumers to have preference for the intended product or services.

Career opportunities in copywriting

Freelancing, you can fully be employed to write for diverse customers either directly or through a mediator for example, agencies or online platform. Freelance copywriters provide content on websites, digital and printed media, and blog which is used to persuade a target audience to purchase a product or a service.

Marketing agencies employ copywriters to come up with copies and briefs of advertisement for a given client requirements. The copywriters work with art administrators and the marketing department to capture and finish appropriate advertisements. They generate marketing visual, audio scripts, words and slogans.

Copywriting agencies, do a wide range of activities such as social media sharing, proofreading, editing, surveys, researching, speechwriting and many more.

Editing, correction and modification of the

Public relations company employ copywriters who are skilled in journalism, communication and marketing. This assists in creating publicity and brand building which makes the public have a good image of a product.

Copywriting involves:

Writing, this is coming up with a composition of collected and organized information. It stresses the value of the portrayed product or service intended to be advertised.

Researching, systematic investigation and seeking of facts and conclusion of materials necessary in copywriting to come up with publications of advertisement is done.

Proofreading, revision of the context to find mistakes and correction of the text before printing it online or before publishing is done.

Social media sharing, when there is an act of making use of websites, blogs and applications used for social interaction. Items such as images, links, quotes and texts are spread to a targeted audience which is further shared through their own social platforms.

Editing, correction and modification of the content is then done and preparation made for printing.

Skills necessary for copywriting<br />

Image sourcing by distributing images on the internet for purposes of creating content to a website or a blog site.

Descriptions of items involved in copywriting:

Email, the marketing process that involves using a real copy of an email subject and body. The email duplicate should be direct to the subject line, personalized, clear, precise, and have actionable language. Theme cord should also be aligned to the message being sent. This helps to effectively capture the interest of the targeted audience.

Brochure, this is literature documented for purposes of endorsing, advertising and marketing of a particular product, services, company or an organization. It therefore, create awareness to a consumer and also builds brand. The brochure usually has intriguing headline, built on customer basis, simple and contains credible information.

Blog sites, copywriting for a blog involves writing text online so that views can be raised. The information on the blog should be eye catching and call the targeted audience to action.

Sharing on social media by the act of posting of links and images on social media. The links should cause great traffic back to the main website and act as a back link.

Skills necessary for copywriting


To effectively deliver content to an audience, copywriters need to have the following skills:

Awareness and sensation, effective copywriting requires one to be conscious and have brevity. This will enable you to have the knowledge of the consumers' needs. Therefore, helping to sensitize the clients towards acquiting the advertised commodities .

Writing skills, copywriters must have the ability to come up with a text that is grammatically correct, has the best tone, sentence structure, and feelings and emotion delivery.

Ability to capture and arouse the curiosity of customer, a good copywriter captivates the target audience by providing interesting information.

Arouse emotions, the information provided by a copywriter need to offset consumers’ emotions.

Creativity, original work of a copywriter is required to come up with ideas on a given theme.


Copywriting as seen is important in the current world of business and in peoples' lives. It is a greater tool in marketing of product or service and also source of employment. Therefore, important for you to acquire the necessary skills appropriate for Copywriting if you intend to be a copywriter.

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