Copywriting then and now

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Copywriting then and now

Copywriting is when a creator comes up with written content for media such as billboards and posters to capture the audience's attention. This work is done by a Copywriter and his work is called Copy. The essence of good copy is for it to be brief but captivating and also promise benefits to the target audience. There are products out there that people don’t even know they need, so it’s the job of a copywriter to make them aware.

Copywriting is an art that dates back to the 15th century when the Babylonians first used it in an attempt to sell books of prayer. Needless to say, mankind in the business world has never looked back.

Written Copy:

Back when newspapers were being produced in small numbers, before industrialization brought about the printing industry, copywriters would write in one newspaper at a time. That alone shows you how important it was for businesses to reach the masses. Decade after decade since then, this art has slowly evolved with the changing times. Today, we are in the internet era, which we shall discuss more of in a short while.

However, copywriting can only do so

Unlike other forms of writing like article writing, copywriting mostly focuses on potential customers. The main aim of a copywriter is to get people to notice the product or service and get them captivated enough to want to buy it. Therefore, copywriting is fundamental in getting customers to buy your product.

Today, not one serious business owner operates without a sales or marketing department. And more importantly, a department of copywriters whose responsibility is to promote the business. As a business, it is important to stand out from the crowd and to have a brand that everyone respects.

A brand is any feature that distinguishes you from the rest. It’s more than a name; rather, it’s how you’re perceived in the market. And to build that brand in a positive note, you need to write copy that portrays that. Is your brand reliability and consistency? Then your copy should always emphasize on that.

However, copywriting can only do so much. Let’s not overlook the most important thing, which is your product. As much as the emphasis is on the copy to be good, the product or service needs to match it. Otherwise, all you’re going to get are one-time customers instead of repeat customers.

Social Media:

At any one time, we are either on our phones, our computers or our tablets. Not surprisingly, even the customers now do their window shopping and actual shopping online. No one wants to walk around if they don’t have to.

For this target audience, we have what is called SEO copywriting. The key to having a visible online presence is good SEO copy. If the copywriter is good at his job, he will focus on using the best keywords to put your website on the online map and to make it visible.

This will help in putting your online presence in the top tier of the search results whenever keywords related to your business are typed in. These are just some of the benefits that come with investing in a Copywriter.

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