Creating a high conversion product description

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Creating a high conversion product description

Sale generation in content marketing requires perfect description of the product on an e-Commerce website. After all, the decision to make a purchase is psychological and a customer must be convinced that the product really worth the value. The description of a product is meant to convert existing shoppers and drive fresh traffic to the page . This is necessary because more traffic increases the likelihood to make sale conversions.

A high converting description of a product is an appealing and irresistible account of a product that turns in repeated sales from customers. The creation of a high converting product description is challenging and demands some levels of expertise and technicality. Therefore, efforts must be expended and adequate attention taken in creating a high conversion product description.

First, to create a high converting product description, consideration must be given to working on the title.

A good title to a product, though, does not in itself lead to conversion, but it improves the visibility of the site on the organic result page of a search engine. A highly ranked website receives more clicks than a low ranked site on the search engine result page. This guarantees traffic to the website and gives hope of receiving more sales.

Also, a potential customer would be

Similarly, a tactical display of a product image catches the attention of potential customers. It helps to establish some degrees of affliction with the product and increases the chance of purchase. Picture also allows customer to have a better feel of the product and have experience similar to holding a physical item. A product description must be given a befitting image of the product to elicit customer decision to buy.

Another way to produce a high conversion product description is to input video about the product on the website. Video communicates product better than image as it showcases all the views of the product. From a video, you can see the aerial, the dorsal, the frontal, and even the rear views of a product. A very similar service allows the product to be spun or rotated such that all its sides are properly revealed. Usually, this function is achieved by a simple hovering of a mouse on the product, to show details of each part. Video allows the shoppers to take full views of the item and reposes some confidence in them to patronize the product.

In addition, product description is an awesome option to create a high converting product description. It is always a practice in content marketing to identify features of a product and analyze functions of each. In describing a product to earn huge conversion, reference could be made to the material of which the relevant parts are made of. Product description could be in a narrative format such that the background of the product is extensively highlighted, though, not necessarily in the words of the manufacturer. This gives a holistic account of the product so that a visitor to an e-commerce site has full knowledge of the product.

Also, a potential customer would be convinced that a product truly deserve to be purchased only if its features worth the given price. Price is therefore a good way to help customer make decision. A failure to include a product price will leave a visitor with no option than to quit the website without making any purchase. Nothing drives sales more than price and marketing efforts; so product price must always be indicated on the web page to provide a good product description.

On a final note, businesses may

Further more, public view, an option to seek people's opinion on their experience with the product, could be embedded on the web page. Product description that generates sales usually comes with social recommendations of the product. People’s views as shared on a business website create trust in the minds of the potential customers. Such views instigate decision to convert ordinary intentions to actual purchase. So, consideration must be given to the use of public views in creating a high conversion product description.

Attestations given by the early buyers also go a long way to give assurance to shoppers. These usually come in the form of reviews and ratings of the product on scales. They show the level of quality that existing customers believe the product demonstrates. This grading encourages the new visitors to the website to consider purchase of the product because they have received some assurances. In creating a high conversion product description, recognition must be given to reviews and ratings.

Another way to make product description highly converting is to include set of choices possible of the product. These are called product options, and they show varieties to customers from which they can select. Choices of product may be available in terms of color, size, volume, feature, or style. A single product may have varieties along all these choices to outsmart the competitors. The idea gives liberty to potential customers, to be flexible in their purchase and returns more sale per each.

On a final note, businesses may also create feelings of urgency by showing the number of the particular item available at any moment. This is usually done to turn up prompt sale as customers will not want to deny self of the opportunity to acquire the product while it last. A technical way to achieve this is to state the number of the item that is currently stocked. This is another good way of creating a product description of a high conversion rate. In creating a high conversion product description as highlighted above, it is worthy of note that content creator also pays attention to the under listed instructions:


1. Maintains a robust sense of uniqueness in description of product, to establish a difference with competitors;

2. Avoid slogans and jargon that may give an impression of over-hyping a product, except only they are understood by the customers;

3. Maintain briefness in describing product as many people detest reading long lines of write up;

4. Understand the product so that there is adequate knowledge to generate a good description;

Creating a High Conversion Product Description

5. Establish key performance indicator for measuring success of the product description;

6. Use interesting story or narrative in the product description to convince potential customers.

This simple procedure has been adopted by large international e-Commerce companies including Amazon and Alibaba, to drive home huge sales and retain their customers. Aside the creation of an effective product description, product page could be enriched with functions that make it more user-friendly. Such functions will enhance the ability of the page to attract and convert sales from potential customers. These functions may include the Payment and live Chat options, Add to Cart and Buy now buttons, and Delivery methods.

Psychological influence plays roles in the decision-making process of customers and it must be taken into consideration in product description effort. The creation of product description must therefore recognize the need to understand the audience and the product, to earn appreciable conversion rates.

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