Differences between copy editing and proofreading

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Differences between copy editing and proofreading

Proofreading and copy editing are two different things although most people usually confuse them. A copy editor is a person who prepares and corrects a document or a text for printing while a proofreader reads and corrects a piece of written or printed work of a writer. A writer has to copy edit a text before it became more expensive than doing proofreading.

Before proofreading it is important to ask if copy editing has been done to save time and money. A copy editor has to have the necessary skills or tools to make sure that the work appears accurate and more efficient for better selling of the writer's work.

The following are the differences between copy editing and proofreading;

As a copy editor you have

A copy editor checks for spelling mistakes, correct use of grammar and correct punctuation of the sentences. It is very essential for a document or a text to have good grammar and for it to make sense and deliver the intended message.

Copy editing ensures that the sentences have capital letters at the beginning of every sentence names of places and people also start with a capital letter among others. You also have to make sure that the correct font size are used and the style is used when preparing the document for example, Times New Roman size 12.

As a copy editor you have to look for all the errors that can make a sentence not to sound grammatically correct and get rid of them. Make sure that you put the right words where necessary to make sure there is good flow of work. Facts also have to be checked to make sure you give the correct information like use of names, historical quotes, years etc. Revision of the writer's work is done making sure that all the programs that were intended are followed.

You read a document and check

Copy editing requires you to make sure that the right style and setting is used, when a writer suggested a certain setting make sure you follow it strictly as recommended. Also the right description of a character has to be used, do not interchange a character and replace him/her with another one. Follow what the writer wanted to mean do not put your words or add new characters and if you have to do so consult the writer.

A proofreader checks for spelling mistakes in your document, puts punctuation marks where necessary, correct usage of grammar and correct spacing of words. You also have to put italics, bold or underline where necessary to make sure your text appears neat and professional. In proofreading you concentrate on the quantity of work while in copy editing you concentrate on the quality of work.

You read a document and check for any errors that may have occurred during copy editing, it is the final stage of editing. Do not write or change anything that is written, you only have to check for all the mistakes that have been made when writing. Make sure that the text has the right layout, correct sentences, good grammar and nothing is missing in terms of leaving any words.

Differences between copy editing and proofreading

A proofreader needs to make sure no errors occurred during formatting and redesigning of the document, make the necessary corrections where possible. During this process you correct all the mistakes but in copy editing you revise the entire text for the necessary changes that needs to be dined.

Proofreading takes care of all the repeated words by clearing them, adding omitted phrases or words. Double checking of words and page numbers are done, it is important to make sure that a document has footers and headers that were intended by the writer. Correct use of language has to be maintained by taking care of those small things that matters when writing.

In conclusion, you have to copy edit then proofread a document, proofreading is the final stage which is done before you realize the document to your audience. A proofreader has to do the final examination of the text before it is printed or uploaded online.

In copy editing you can restructure sentences to make sure that they flow well and you can also make sense of what the writer has written. Copy editing is a deeper proofreading whereby you do more of it by revising the text thoroughly. Both copy editing and proofreading are essential tasks that are necessary before a text is realized to the world.

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