Different types of copywriting

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Different types of copywriting

Are you a new writer looking for the copywriting you can best fit in? Well, one benefit of copywriting is its broadness. Copywriting is an element of writing a copy to sell, market, educate, or advertise a particular service, item, opinion, idea, or belief. Stick around and learn what might work for you.

The ability to communicate to your audience and make them laugh, cry, buy an item or a service, or change their way of thing requires excellent copywriting skills. These kinds of skills are applicable in many fields; web content, papers, poster sites, freelance, social media, and banner, to mention a few.

It can be tough deciding which copywriting best fit you, no wonder most copywriters start broad before specializing in one type of copywriting. Let's look at the different kinds of copywriting available at the moment.

1. Sales

With the increased number of companies all around the world selling their products and services to the public, qualified freelancers are given the task of writing adverts and product descriptions to increase sales and outdo competitors. Here, copywriters are required to showcase their skills by researching and coming up with the essential benefits and features of a product or service.

The rising number of online business

Cover letters and resumes are more like sales but, they deviate in that cover letters and resumes involve writing about a person in an attempt to showcase his/her best qualifications. Sales on the other hand deals with products and services.

2. SEO

Web content and product description are the two types of SEO in copywriting you will find online. The work of a copywriter when writing a piece of SEO is to focus on the keywords and think what and how a typical customer or user would goggle when looking for a product/service or information. Need for keyword balance, creativity, and research are the top skills required in SEO.

• Product description

The rising number of online business has created competition and need to dominate in the market. SEO (search engine optimization) has greatly helped by making it easy to find items on google. Companies are now hiring copywriters to create unique descriptions for their products.

Whereas technical writers are among the

• Web content

If you are a new freelancer, then creating web content can be a great place to start your copywriting career. Here, you can write articles, blog posts, and social media content. Web content means creating motivational, informative, inspirational content that draws your audience back for more. Good knowledge of SEO is a requirement in creating insightful web information for your audience. Targeting what they are likely to search on google and delivering it in the best way possible is what good SEO copywriters do.

3. Technical

This type of writing requires a specialist or at least an in-depth research on a particular topic. It involves writing product guides or white papers for companies and industries. Technical writing cuts across various topics such as marketing, health, finance, science, environment, etc.

Whereas technical writers are among the highest-paid writers, they are required to have excellent grammar and an understandable way to explain facts.

Different Types of copywriting

4. Creative

Creative writing is widely used in commercials and jingles and it is typically used for the creation of slogans, phrases, and headlines. To be an excellent creative writer, you need to be creative enough to come up with outstanding ideas that can attract an audience, increase sales, subscribers, and social shares.

5. PR (Public relations)

PR is commonly used by a company or an organization to communicate something to the public. This can be statements or press releases that a company or an organization may want a copywriter to write. It can be about a new product or service or an address to the consumers concerning a negative publicity a company or an organization might have faced. Here, a writer is required to write in an unbiased and journalistic tone in an attempt to portray the right image for the organization or company.


The demand for different types of copywriting will increase with the emergence of a new market and increase development of technology. At the moment, there are various types of copywriting services you can still offer your clients. Sales, technical, creative, PR, and SEO all require excellent grammar, clarity, and ability to communicate useful information to your audience. If you are a new freelancer and also an expert in a particular field, you can try technical writing. You can also try web content since it is beginner friendly.

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