Every Copywriter’s Biggest Challenge

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Every Copywriter’s Biggest Challenge

Freelance copywriting is known for unlimited freedom. You can write from a park, coffee shop, or by a pool and work at any time of the day. Even so, utilizing every minute of the day wisely is a big challenge to many. Remember, unlike ordinary salaried jobs whose pay is guaranteed, you need to work to get paid.

Time management is an indispensable aspect of the copywriting craft which plays a vital role in ensuring maximum income. In essence, you are the boss, and good time management means increased productivity. As far as time management goes, what stands between freelancers and copywriting success are the following;

a. Distractions at your Workplace

The copywriting career is a lonely life where many hours are spent alone researching, thinking and writing. This makes it very easy to get distracted especially if you work from a home office.

It is really difficult to resist the juicy conversations of family and friends who may occasionally pop in for a chat. Ringing phones and notifications from social media make it tempting for you to break off and find out what your buddies are up to.

b. Misappropriation and Greed


Of course, you cannot accurately estimate the exact time needed to complete a task. However, if you lack proper experience and understanding it is possible to underestimate the time need to complete a task. This will deny adequate extra time to the deadlines for properly proofreading and editing their work.

Greed comes in when a copywriter gets urgent orders out of the blue and wants to accept every project they receive. This makes it difficult to adhere to the set deadlines due to the workload in line. Failing to turn in projects in time may limit your ability to establish honest professional working relationships with clients.

c. Multi-Tasking

In an APA study, multitasking was found to reduce an individual’s overall productivity of a person by 40%.

Multitasking may seem like an efficient way of executing several tasks within a short time span, but it takes more time to finish all the projects at hand and comes with a high risk for errors. You also get worn out quicker when juggling multiple projects at a time.

d. Fatigue

Overcoming the Challenge<br />

After accepting multiple projects, you will want to grind more than twelve hours today in a single day. Chances are that you’re going to get burned out the next day and you will quit for a day or two to get rest and recover. Ultimately, you will waste away countless hours of your workweek.

Additionally, working without breaks makes it exhausting to write for a long duration. According to psychologists, the human brain can only focus for a maximum of about 30 minutes. Working continuously for hours without breaking will reduce your focus and concentration and affect your eyes.

e. Laziness

Lack of motivation and focus lead to laziness and procrastination. Lazy freelancers will push the projects to the last minutes before working on it hurriedly. This results in low-quality articles with many errors.

Some copywriters will want to warm up before starting their day. They will watch a video or visit their social media pages until their ‘brain is awake’. To their surprise, before they can realize almost half of their workday will be gone.

Overcoming the Challenge

Every Copywriter’s Biggest Challenge

After realizing and owning your time management problem, this is what you should do to ensure control over our work-life.

• Come up with your own system and schedule and follow it strictly. Set a regular routine and prioritize urgent and important projects. Split your workday into time-blocks of about 3 - 4 hours with short breaks after every 30 minutes. Takes a meal after each work time-block.

• Make plans for a whole month to save you the energy of planning each other day anew. Your work period should be at the time of the day when your mind is most active and productive.

• Spare time for rest, meals, cleaning, family, meetings, recreation, looking for clients and more. This ensures you don’t eat into your work time.

• Begin working on the difficult projects in the morning when your energy and willpower are at maximum. Your energy will discharge like a battery as you continue working.

• Ensure your workplace is comfortable with fresh air, good light and as little noise and distraction as possible. Inform your family and friends that you are working. Otherwise, try co-working. Being surrounded by other working people is encouraging and motivating for some.

• Disable email and social media notifications and switch your phone to silent mode. Resist the temptation of frequently checking your phone and logging into your social media pages amid your work time.

• Compare the time you normally spend on tasks and try to come up with your standard working time rate. Use this to create time estimates, including some extra hours to the deadlines for proofreading and editing.

Efficient time management will help you accomplish more tasks and earn more. For every other task you accomplish, you get the sense you are doing something good and making achievements, and this boosts your morale and productivity even more. Not that you have all this information, all you need are discipline and motivation.

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