Exam writing tips

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Exam writing tips

Exams can make an examinee nervous and stressed. This may be because he or she doesn't know what to expect. Also, he or she may be afraid of failing the test. Well, great news is that you can learn a few tips on how you can make your exam writing a success. These tips will do away with the anxiety and bring in calmness and confidence in yourself. Most of them are discussed below.

First of all, try not to panic. Panicking may lead to you forgetting what you had studied and answer questions in fear. You have to remember that your classmates are also in the exam hall with you and yes, they may have internal panic too. Just be confident so as to direct your thinking and be steady to tackle the questions. Believe in yourself and do your best.

You ought to read the questions and instructions carefully. Some examinees fail in exams because they do not take time to read the instructions. What if the instructions stated that you are not supposed to answer any question at all in the test, and you go on answering them? Tricky right? Therefore, going through the questions and instructions can help you to know what exactly the examiner wants you to do. When you understand the question,you will make right choices and you can highlight how much you know about the topic. Therefore, you have to focus.

After structuring your answers correctly, review

Trying out past exam papers is essential to better your exam writing techniques. Going through them gives you a good idea of the exam structure and the kind of questioning you are most likely to be confronted with in the exams. Moreover, it helps you to test yourself and gain confidence and familiarity with the exam, instilling confidence and knowledge in you. Past papers are available in an institution's archives or even online, for instance, in GoConqr online quiz maker.

Another tip is that you should structure your answers. Take time planning on the structure your answer will take. Ask yourself if it is an essay, a one sentence answer or others. Stay on topic, that is, your answer should be relevant to the question asked. If it is an essay,for example, you ought to have an introduction, the body(main points) and a conclusion.

After structuring your answers correctly, review them thoroughly. Proofread them for any spelling or grammar mistakes, additional comments or omissions. In most cases, you may find errors. Be confident about your answer.

In addition, you should be strict with yourself and manage your time well. You will not the whole day to answer the questions. Therefore, figure out how to use your available time to maximise productivity. During the exam, go over the whole exam paper before writing anything. Start with the parts that you feel you can answer confidently. Afterwards, keep an eye on the clock and determine what amount of time you should spend on one question.

Remember to set some time to proofread your work.

You should also have a rough draft and a fine copy of your work. Having a rough draft helps to structure your answers especially for an essay. For Science or Math, it can aid in putting down important formulae or side calculations. A fine answer is the joy to the marker.

Try to have a good handwriting in answering questions in the exam paper. A horrendous handwriting can cost you marks because the marker may give up on trying to read your work. The examiners mark numerous exam answer sheets and since they are human, it is understandable that if they come across a paper with poor handwriting,they are not going to be considerate.

These are helpful tips on exam writing that can help you score higher in exams.

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