Facebook ad tips for writing a good copy

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Facebook ad tips for writing a good copy

Social media network including facebook, instagram, pinterest and others have crowned content as king. This is to say that content dished out is a major determinant in the level of acceptance the copy gets. Each of the various social media network has its policy for running ads. Facebook is not an excluded in this rule as facebook ads have proven to convert better than other social media ad. The more reason why facebook will retain its relevance for a long time.

Facebook ads comes with many components that drive the direction the accompanying copy should follow. This article sheds light on some tips from facebook ads that can be used to write a good copy.

Set goals

The first thing to be done when writing a good copy is to set the goals for writing the copy. Goal setting helps to determine what needs to be written and how it should be written. If the goal is to sell products, writing an ad copy about the ratings and benefits of the product might not be such a bad idea.

Problem solving<br />

In a situation when the goal is to create awareness, there would be a change in the way the ad copy will be written. The ad copy could talk about the origin of the product. If the goal is to increase website visitors, the ad copy could be about the uniqueness of the website.

Target the right audience

While creating a facebook ad, you will see the option to choose the audience. Facebook does not run an ad without making a choice on the audience. This is an important facebook as tip for writing a good copy in the oversaturated internet space. What is a good copy if its lacks an audience? Writing for an audience guides the writer to streamline ideas to issues that would resonate with the audience.

Problem solving

Use appropriate image<br />

A good copy should solve problems for a particular sect of people. Facebook ads that convert are ads that talk about providing solutions to people who really have problems. Solving problems is one of the surest tips to writing a good facebook ad copy.

Test run

The option to run ads on a budget basis makes it possible to test run ads before settling on one. Writing a good copy refers to having a copy that allow people to click through the website and stay on the website. A good copy is more than showoff of grammar and vocabulary. Testing the ad copy allows an individual to determine iof the copy is any good or should be discarded.

Use appropriate image

Facebook ad tips for writing a good copy

A good facebook ad should always come with an image that depicts the purpose of the ad. An ad about children’s book should not have an image of a car. It is imperative to note that while writing a copy, the imaging should also be considered. The image is what draws in the audience therefore, the image at a first glance should speak volume on the purpose of the ad.


A good copy should retain clarity in delivering information to the audience. It should be clear to the audience from a glance from the ad the entirety of the information passed. The copy should be expressed as simple as possible. Clearly written ad copy tends to convert more than ad cpy with po clarity. It should be explicitly clear to the reader exactly what the message is from the first few lines.

Pique the audience interest

A good ad copy should pique the curiosity of the reader. Reaching out to the audience by arousing could be done via writing catching headlines that moves the reader to click through. The audience attention can also be captured using power and emotional words. Yes emotional words, you read right. It might sound as something typically unfair, that is playing on emotions of others. However, depending on the purpose of the ad copy, power and or emotional words does a magical job of making facebook ad convert beautifully.

It is important to look at how facebook ads policies could affect the type of copy to write. This post has stressed some facebook ad tips that will help tremendously in producing a good copy. A combination of all the tips, will bring about meeting clean cut objectives fot running facebook ads.

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