Favourite copy writing formula

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Favourite copy writing formula

Copy writing is the art in form of text writing for advertisements. It aims at attracting people's attention like, arousing their interest and making them to be more intrigued over something. As a copywriter, you need to use the best formula for your work to be desirable and distinct from the others. Since copy writing is all about persuading able clients, it is advisable to use the best formula. Use of formula make your work more presentable through formatting the following; headline for a page or post, value proposition, testimonial, bullet list subject lines and block of the body.

The most important formula you ever need for your work is, "Problem Agitation Solution" Formula. This is such a great formula when you get to know that people act to avoid pain than to get gain. The structure for "Problem Agitation Solution" Formula is as follows.

Agitation; to agitate is to oppose

A)Problem;this should be defined to the clients or people at your surrounding. Make sure it is put in one sentence and should be the first in the article. This make the respective reader to be more intrigued and gets the curiosity of reading the next line. Be so simple in that the audience will know you understand their fear. Use available facts to prove to them the problem really exists and should be worked on as fast as possible. Readers should know possible negative consequences if the problem is not solved.

Agitation; to agitate is to oppose argue over something for not agreeing with it. Once you have clearly established the problem, arouse emotions to their readers. Try your best to talk about their anger, how resentment they are, guilt embarrassment or fear. The emotions ought to be negative in a way that readers need to develop rhetoric questions like, 'What can we do over this'? This is where you work more on emotions and volatility for the problem to be real.

Favourite Copy Writing Formula

C)Solution; at this level, unleash the solution towards your problems and its benefit. Let the article persuade them on how they should stop the problems highlighted and imagine how the situations can be if they are not solved. The 'Problem Agitation Solution' Formula is used to answer the following questions generally.

A)What is highly hated by your audience; may be in form of their job, way of life or may be how your products and services are produced. B, if the audience are aware with the problems that your business solves and the difficulties that are caused by the problem if not addressed to accordingly. C, real world repercussions that can result from the problems and need to be quantified. D, the hindrance of the clients or audience from being your customers and how they can be sorted out and the level of trust that the audience have in your business and if not, what makes them suspicious about it. G)What makes your audience get embarrassed or insecure in their real life. Also, their frustrations, how, how they are caused and the possible way of solving. In general, the formula rescues the audience from some sort of difficulties and deliver them to their personal solutions.

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