Finding the meaning of free-form functionality product description

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Finding the meaning of free-form functionality product description

Big terms always make life harder, but if you break it down and analyze carefully, they are not as hard as they appear. The same thing applies to this term you came across. So are you excited to find out the meaning?

As this is a complex term let’s start by breaking down the meanings, as freeform, functionality and product description. Beginning with the easiest term would help you to build upon the meaning of this term.

Product description:

Just by going through this term, freeform product functionality description, you can understand that this is related to some sort of product description. So, what is a product? A product is a good or a person that is manufactured, made or formed in a particular process. And we need different types of products in our 'day to day' life such as food products, sanitary products, health care products and many more.

Product functionality description:<br />

A product description can be identified as an explanation of the product. Why anyone would need to give a product description? What is the importance of a description? Well, a simple answer would be that product descriptions are a marketing strategy.

Marketing is the process that is used by a manufacturer or seller, to convey information about their product to the public. If it is a brand-new release of a product, the marketing would focus on making people aware of their products. Then slowly, the marketing strategy will focus on popularizing the product and the brand among people to increase their sales.

Now, you understand marketing, and can you guess how important the product description is? In the initial introductory stage of the product, it should be described well. Then people can understand the purpose of the product and its specified functions. For later stages, the description should favor mentioning the advantages of using that particular product compared to the complementary products in the market. Therefore, it is clear that the product description is vital to successfully sell the product. One part of the term is simply understood, right?

Product functionality description:

The term free-form means without any

Considering the functionality of the product is another important aspect of describing the product, and this is the time to explore functionality.

According to the dictionary, functionality means the suitability of something to perform a specific task. For a product, functionality means its intended use for a specified purpose. Consider, a light bulb as an example, and its functionality depends on how it performs the task of lightening the dark places. Also, the electricity supply directly affects the performance of the bulb. If the electricity supply is good, it functions well. Therefore, product functionality description means describing the product specifying its intended task to perform. Well, the term is getting clearer, isn’t it?

Free-form Product Functionality Description:

The term free-form means without any specific structure or a pattern, and this gives a similar idea as free-style. Imagine a bar of chocolate, and you have to describe it, to someone who has not seen or eaten chocolate.

finding the meaning of Free-form Functionality Product Description

You might say, ‘It is a sweet made of Cocoa, and there are different types as dark, milk, white, etc. It is packed in a solid form but, it melts when exposed to higher temperatures. Almost all children love this sweet, but excessive usage might cause trouble for teeth.’

Someone who is doing research on nutrition of chocolate might say,’ Chocolate is made of cocoa, butter, milk, and sugar. Per 100 grams of chocolate 546 calories are there, with 47% of total fat, 2% of cholesterol, 1% of sodium, 15% of potassium, 20% of total carbohydrates and 9% of Protein.’

Now, undoubtedly both descriptions are correct, however, the second description is more structured as it gives the nutrition facts regarding chocolate. So, it is clear that the first description you provided is more of a free-form description. Alright, let’s gather the pieces now so that the whole term would make sense.

Free-form product functionality description is providing the description of a certain product, regarding its intended task to perform in a manner which is not structured or formal.

Why do we need this? If you study the descriptions for chocolate, you will understand it. The free-form description suits more for a person who has not experienced chocolate yet.

In conclusion, the description of the specified purpose of a product without adhering to a defined structure is best used for the people who are new to the product. Similarly, the products which are new to the market use this type of description for their marketing strategy. Now, you have all the knowledge to identify a free-form product functionality description.

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