Good writing tips

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Good writing tips

Writing can be difficult. There are many factors which need to taken into consideration when writing. These factors however may differ according to the nature of writing. To begin with let us look at some of the different kinds of writing. It could be an article, an essay, a book review, a news report a thesis and the list goes on.

There are however some general writing tips that could be used for all types of writing. Let's briefly get into a few tips which may prove helpful to all nature of writing.

Format- First we need to determine the nature of the document you are writing. Is it a resume? Is it a formal letter?. Once the nature of the document is decided you then need to be able to use the correct format for that document which can easily be searched for on the internet. If in the event the incorrect format is used, this could have negative effects as it may cost you a scholarship or a job and so forth.

Grammar- Grammar is one of the most important things to watch out for. An article will never make sense if the grammar is incorrect and if others may read this article they will second guess your intellectual abilities.

Another important point on the content

Punctuation marks- Too many of these may be a little bit to excessive. It may seem like you are trying to over sell and forcing the reader to buy into something without giving them a choice. This may lead them farther away from you if they are made to feel this way.

Tone- Decide on the kind of tone you want to use for the article. Are you writing from the first person? Maybe a journalistic view. Deciding on tone will be dependent on the nature of article being written.

Content- Remember to stick to the topic of the document being written. Often time i find myself reading something which has nothing to do with the actual topic of the document which had at the time when I read it grabbed my attention and there after led to disappointment. Always remember that it is very easy to go off topic when writing. This is definitely something you need to be aware off.

Another important point on the content would be that the content needs to able to attract the readers attention. It is important to use metaphors and keywords which may make things more graphic and easier understandable.

Vocabulary- Vocabulary is also dependent on

Moving on to some tips which better suit marketing, children's books, screen plays an so forth.

Creativity- People tend to want to read things which make them feel elated. Feeling good had a direct affect in daily life. To write something of this nature, creativity is needed. The reader must be able to feel he/she is in a different world when reading. The reader needs be able to feel that nothing else exist aprr from the reader and the writing.

Illustrations- Illustrations are important if you are looking to advertise or market. The brighter and more colorful something is the more it proves to grab attention. Being ridiculous and humorous regarding illustrations can be very helpful as often times people are attracted to things that are unique and funny.

Vocabulary- Vocabulary is also dependent on nature of document. Choosing the incorrect vocabulary maybe loose the attention of the reader before he/she even completes reading the document.

Good writing tips

People write for all different kinds of reasons.

Below are just some general pointer to keep in mind.

Introduction and conclusion, these are helpful for almost all types of reading. They might just take a different form for each different kind of writing.

Mind blocks - Ideas don't always free flow and sometimes you may find yourself sitting infront of a piece of paper with nothing to write. Just a blank stare. When this happens just remain calm and walk away from the paper for about an hour or two and in this time choose to do something that will make you feel relaxed and at ease. Something that is going to calm your mind and your thoughts.

Writing isn't always easy, however it is very helpful. It provides hope, knowledge, comfort and a safe space to be with yourself. Having this in mind, may make you a better writer.


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