Helpful proof reading software

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Helpful proof reading software

Proofreading is an act of making necessary corrections on a particular article regarding spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation errors. It is one of the stages in writing industry that helps to ensure that all publications are free from spelling and grammar mistakes.

Most publishing industries have proofreading software for their publications to avoid any errors that may occur in the written article. This is majorly because the owners of the articles may not be able to identify some of these mistakes and errors in the articles they write.

Every published article must undergo proofreading stage to ensure it is totally free from errors and mistakes. Proofreading also helps to ensure accuracy of the written word document and this helps to build trust of different writers.

There are different softwares that can be used by different writing industries for proofreading. These softwares include Grammarly, Perfect-It, Ginger, White Smoke, Hemingway, Word Spell Checker and LanguageTool. Each of them has different tool used to proofread particular articles.

Grammarly has a spell checking tool

Grammarly is considered as the best proofreading software as it can correct spelling errors, punctuation marks, grammar and also checks plagiarism of the word document. This is very essential as it ensures that there is no infringement of other writers copyright.

It has different tools that can detect errors and hence making it the best proofreading software that every writer should use. Grammarly has grammar and punctuation tool that assist different writers to make corrections on their grammar and punctuation errors. It also has suggestions for best

words to use in a particular writing.

Grammarly has a spell checking tool that corrects spelling mistakes in a piece of writing and also provide synonyms of the chosen words. It also has a plagiarism tool which helps to detect if the written piece of work was obtained from other known sources. Grammarly helps to protect the copyright of different writers as it avoids piracy and copying one's piece of work to ensure originality.

It provides explanation to sentences which are easy to understand and also phrases different sentences to ensure that they are easily understood. This software has higher level of accuracy as it prevents and removes mistakes from the written statements hence editing grammatical errors.

Grammarly is also customized in that one can use preferred language in the statements during proofreading. It is also easy to use as it will just underline mistakes and errors present in a particular writing and give you correct suggestions.

Just like other online softwares, grammarly is vulnerable to software malfunctions such as software virus and also do not check every statement that have been written in the word document. It also provides a free version to new users which is limited only to plagiarism and doesn't allow spelling checking. One has to create an account with them to have access to corrections of grammar and spelling mistakes.

In summary, grammarly provides a good proofreading software and it is reliable in detecting and correcting mistakes. It also has a mobile up which can easily be downloaded by content writers and used to proofread their work.

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