How does proofreading occur during transcription?

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How does proofreading occur during transcription?

Nothing good comes easy in this life, you have to work really hard to attain the best results. We are all required to ensure perfection and quality in everything that we do to get positive remarks. To be a success story in life you have to always be vigilant in all your endeavors especially with your assignments or work related matters. We should always go through our work before submitting or handing it to the required persons. They may be essays, dissertation, research papers, professional analysis or any other thing that requires keen attention when writing.

Proofreading is the act of going through your work to identify errors that you might have made without your realization. It is basically the act of revising your work to ensure that you have removed all the simple mistakes in your work. Transcription on the other hand is the writing down of maybe spoken words, music or any other thing to appear in a printed form. These two aspects co-relate because to transcribe well you have to proofread your work or article multiple times before submitting it. Due to their relevance in our work, we shall therefore, discuss on how proofreading occurs during transcription.

Therefore, for a transcript to come

Before we start analyzing how this can happen, it is important we first familiarize ourselves with the importance of proofreading. Why is it even necessary? Well, when you proofread your work, you will realize the silly mistakes. The spelling errors, punctuation errors, wrong tenses, wrong formatting of your work as well as identifying unfinished sentences. It is so important to proofread your work because as a writer, you will get the chance to perfect your work. You will be increasing your chances of scoring better grades as well as increasing the interest of your readers to read your article.

Therefore, for a transcript to come out perfectly, you must go through it a couple of times before submitting it. Then, how does this occur? Well, as stated above transcription involves writing down of words or music. Some companies such as REV offer transcription services in that, you pick a clear audio and transcribe down the whole conversation of the parties involved. With such a task, for your work to be accepted and paid for, you must have written it to perfection. You can only ensure this by proofreading it to do away with false statements.

For example, you are writing down

Firstly, Proofreading occurs as a result of the proofreader that has been installed to guide the writer. Have you ever noticed that when writing something down maybe in Microsoft Word, and then you commit a spelling mistake, a red line then appears under the word that contains the spelling error? Well, this is the proofreader and for sure, you will not submit that work unless you correct it.

For example, you are writing down an essay about the importance of mothers in our lives. Then, while writing the introductory part, instead of writing the word mother, you misspell and write as "mohter." The machine will automatically detect this and it will direct you to correct it.

For instance, in REV, before you

Secondly, some companies usually hire proofreaders to ensure quality to their clients. Transcription is a job just like any other freelancing jobs. When you claim a job from a client, the client expects you to write quality work for they have entrusted you with that task. However, some companies such as the Copywriting network often employ people to do this task before handing it to the client. Therefore, you as the writer will submit your work, if it is not accurate or as per the standards set, the proofreader will return your work for corrections by pointing out the errors made.

For instance, in REV, before you submit your transcripts, a proofreader always goes over your work to ensure clarity. This is done to make the reader or client have an easy time while reading your work. If, the transcript does not match up to standards, the proofreader will inform the company and the company will instruct you to re-do your work.

How does proofreading occur during transcription?

A proofreader does the most for they often listen to the whole audio again to identify the errors that might have been made. During transcription, the transcriber often writes faster than usual for they are trying to keep up with the speed. This is so for the audios sometimes are too long and tiresome to listen to the whole day. Because, of this many transcribers resort into typing fast to save on time. By doing this, they often create room for more mistakes for typing faster may make you fail to see your mistake. This is actually the reason why many transcription companies hire proofreaders.

What are the specific functions of a proofreader? We have mentioned roughly on what these significant people do, but we have not really listed down their roles. Firstly, these people fill in words they think were left out by the transcribers during transcription. They also format the whole document to the expectations of the clients, they are mandated to ensure that the whole documentation matches the client's specifications. The whole point of doing a thorough check up of the whole work is to perfect it. An in-comprehensive work will not be accepted nor paid for by the clients.

Therefore, to sum it all up, proofreading can happen in two major ways. Firstly, a computer machine can detect all the errors made while writing. Secondly, a company can hire a proofreader to check on the quality of the work before final submission.

Transcription is quite an involving task for to produce quality transcripts you have to be accurate enough. So many things make it hard for any transcriber such as the video or audio quality and the accent of the speakers. Also keeping up with speed might be challenging especially when the audio is so long. This is why all transcribers are advised to try to produce quality transcripts. They are told to be accurate to make it easy for the proofreaders to go thorough the work before final submission. Find joy in also proofreading your work, you will surely be amazed by your results.

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