How Much Writers Charge Per Word

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How Much Writers Charge Per Word

As each step is a level higher than the other in a staircase, skill levels vary in all industries — the Writing Industry inclusive. In the Writing Industry, the universal categories of writers include the Beginner, the Average, the Professional and the Experts. As you would expect, each category does not receive the same checks, as their skill levels differ. Hence, it is safe to assert that writers bill or charge according to their various skill levels. However, according to “Leaving Work Behind” in one of its blog posts, the Beginners face the problem of deciding on the exact amount to bill a client who needs their service. In fact, “Writers In Charge” generalized the problem like a common flu in the Industry, with almost every average writer being confused on how much to bill a client.

The Best Billing Practices

What’s The Most Common Billing Standard?<br />

Viral as the “flu” is, there are some straightforward ways around it. First thing to note is the general practices in the Writing Industry. As a common trend, writers love to bill per hour, and they multiply the hourly rate by the number of hours the project at hand would ordinarily require. In practical terms, if a writer’s rate is $60 per hour, the writer would receive a paycheck of $480 for a job that would take 8 hours to be completed. That aside, content writers and copywriters tend to charge per word. As such, they present their clients with a quote of how much they can accept per word. Last, writers who want to turn out more professional prefer to bill per project, basing their price on how technical the project is.

What’s The Most Common Billing Standard?


Though writers have different modes of billing, the most common is the “Per Word” rate. The “Per Word” billing is a fast-growing trend among writers today, because it is an excellent way to avoid scaring off the clients with brow-raising lump sums. Interestingly, the writers are not the only ones riding on this trend — clients do as well. According to “Writers Edit”, newspapers and magazines often prefer to pay their contributors “Per Word”, considering their experience, of course. Owing to this trend, the writers also consider some variables so they won’t be on the losing end, and the variables include:

1. The type of job brought to them, requiring their service.


2. Calculation of the effort the client’s job requires to be completed.

3. Their own expertise which determines how much the client can accept to pay.

How Much Writers Charge Per Word

Established earlier, the rule of thumb is that writers charge or get paid according to their respective skill levels. Regardless of this thumb rule, there is no consensus on the actual amount that each skill level writers charge per word. For instance, “Leaving Work Behind” estimated in 2017 that the Entry Level writer charges less than a tenth of a dollar per word, with the Average-skilled writer charging 7 per word. It concludes that the Pro/Expert writer charges between 13 to 30 cent.

On the contrary, “Clear Voice” conducted a survey in 2018 and arrived at rates quite different from those of “Leaving Work Behind”. According to its findings, most of the Beginner Writers charge around a tenth of a dollar per word. As expected, the average charge slightly higher, fixing their prices around 11 cents quarter dollar per hour. Professional writers take it a notch higher by mostly charging between 26 cents to $1 and above. It further reveals that most Experts charge between three-quarter of a dollar and above $1. Clearly the thumb rule may be a strong determinant of how much the writers charge, but there are other underlying factors that affect the rates as well.

Aside the thumb rule, the specialization of a writer also determines how much the client(s) will be charged. Mastro Commerce sheds light on the trending rates in different writing fields. For instance, it estimates that copywriters typically bill $1 to $3 per word; while the Technical Writers charge from $1 to $2 per word. Further, it mentions on Content writing, noting that the Content Writers mostly charge one-tenth of the Greenback at a minimum. These make it obvious that the specialization of the writer may be another variable that determines how much writers may request from a client.

Interestingly, Clear Voice takes a further step by using the gender of the writers as a determining factor of how much they charge per word. It simply achieved this through its 2018 survey earlier referred to in this article. From the findings, it gathers that the bills the males actually demand differs from those the females demand. Specifically, its findings reveal that 17% of the males charge less than a “quarter”, while only 15% of the females charge within that same range. Moving on, it states that 17% of the females bill from 11 cents to a quarter of a dollar, while about 23% of the male folks accept that same pay. You would ordinarily think Clear Voice stopped at evaluating the pay per word at these.

Clear Voice did not halt it there, it continued its evaluations till it got to the range of $1 and above. Diving into specifics, the survey reveals that 18% of the females have their minds fixed around the 26 to 50 cents range, while 20% of the males accept same. More, it discovered that about 26% of the female folks in question pitch for jobs demanding between 51 pennies and $1 per word, and 24% of the men have their eyes on the same figures. Breaking the bull’s back, the study reveals that the women significantly charge more than the men, with 27% of them expect a remuneration from $1 upwards, and only 17% men requesting similar figures. Going by the statistics, we can safely assert that the women mostly charge from $1 and above, while most of the men charge between 11 and . In essence, the gender of the writer is another significant variable that determines how much writers get paid per word.

Although there is a thumb rule (skill level rule) that serves as the major variable in determining how much writers may charge per word, there are other variables that make it impossible to specify a rate writers charge per word. Additionally, it is not impossible for a beginner writer to convince a client to get paid at the rate of an average writer. In essence, there is no particular rate a writer charges as rates vary based on industry, specialization, the efforts the project may take, and the negotiating power of the writer.

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