How to be a good amazon product description writer

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How to be a good amazon product description writer

Doing an Amazon product description job has proven over the years that it can be extremely challenging. Especially if it comes with the reality of you doing it yourself (and you are not a pro). The first problem you are most likely to encounter is you not knowing the people who will use your product. Also, not understanding how you can use words to create a hands-on environment via the web.

Trained professionals who have been expressing the benefits and features of physical products have always used some tactics to do such. They have the ability to take ho-hum languages, water it with some interesting adjectives, and you see it bloom. “Ho-hum” is a term used for something that is dull or not interesting.

However, don't this people started from somewhere before they became pros? So, you too can do it. Read on as the steps to being a good Amazon description writer is highlighted below.

Understanding The Needs of Your Shoppers;

The first step you should be familiar with is getting to know the people you are communicating with. This is what you are supposed to do before you ever write a single word of your Amazon product description copy. Most often, people (on Amazon or independently owned website) focus on the product first. Let's take an example to make it clear to you why you shouldn't imitate those people.

When you walk into a local store, you can directly interact with the employees and ask questions about a product you wish to buy. There is always a life person to discuss your needs and compare your options which will assist in your decision-making. This is what your copy/description online is representing; it fills up the place of a human being.

The best way this can be

Since you cannot interact live with your buyers, you have to study their needs, questions, pains and frustrations and deliver justice to it in your copy. If you want to know how you can study your buyers/customers, these are some few ways.

1) This can be done through social media like Facebook (by running a Facebook ads or a Facebook group).

2) This can also be by looking through competitors' reviews and FAQs from other websites.

3) You can also measure their needs by searching for reviews of similar products on YouTube or Google.

Taking The Infomercial Approach;

The best way this can be done is by virtually putting the product into the customer's life. Make it look to them like they cannot live a complete life without that product you are selling. Watching real people work out with a smile on their faces, watching them use the product with satisfaction brings people closer to using the items themselves.

Using Relevant Keywords;<br />

A connection is always established when buyers see or read about how your product can solve their problem(s). To do this, there are steps that are expected of you to take which are highlighted below.

1) You can do this by reviewing to your audience how the product you are selling can be used.

2) Offering usage suggestion is also a good way to go about this (it is possible the shopper hasn't thought about that yet).

3) Talking about real-life issues such as whether children can break it easily, or being easy to clean and so on can go a long way.

4) Tell the shopper what is expected to happen after buying and using the product you are selling.

Using Relevant Keywords;

How to be a good Amazon product description writer

When choosing keywords to incorporate your product description on Amazon, the reactions of most sellers are aiming for the terms with the highest search volumes. Don't get us wrong, this is a nice thing to do most of the time. However, there is no doubt it will catch up with you eventually in the near future. So, you are advised to temper your eagerness with big numbers with caution.

A lot of sellers have ruin their sales by adding every possible keyword list that is slightly or not related to the product they sell. There is no doubt that it will bring in lots of people to see your product. But by doing this, you are putting yourself in an awful situation you may not be able to bear.

Since Amazon tracks everything and is spying on your back-end data, you can easily get caught. Amazon can detect that you have traffic landing into your page, but they do leave quickly without spending anything. If this becomes too often, in no time you will start slipping in the search results.

To escape from this and get your product in a better condition with the search results on Amazon, these are what you can do.

1) You can do this by researching keywords and phrases that are relevant and highly related to the product you are selling.

2) Choose terms that have high search volumes but only if they are relevant to the product you are selling.

3) Do not risk including extremely broad terms even if it is being used by other sellers.

In conclusion, being a good Amazon product description writer can be challenging and frustrating at times. However, one best advice we can give to you is, “patient is the key”. Be patient and determine to archive to that height you so dream about as an Amazon description writer. If you follow the above tips, you will be happy with yourself in no time.

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