How to find cheap quality blog content writer

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How to find cheap quality blog content writer

In a saturated marketplace like blogging, there is need to provide absolutely quality content. Maintaining relevance means there is need to provide quality content at all times. This is a feat that the blog owner cannot realistically manage alone thereby, creating the need for writers.

Finding writers is an objective assignment because there is need not only for quality writers but for the writers to be affordable as well. To find writers is not a big deal; the big deal is finding the quality ones from the multitude.

Finding a cheap quality blog content writer is more like finding shining diamond amidst rocks. While it is not an impossible task to achieve, it requires knowing the right thing to do. Truly, writers are everywhere but quality ones are not lying around jobless. Quality writers are not lying around, they are found after they have been tirelessly searched for.

This article gives insight to solving the dilemma of finding cheap and quality writers.  There are several methods to achieve this but this article is only stating a few of the many.

Freelance website:

Online job posting:<br />

There are innumerable freelance websites on the web with readily available writers for your blog content. These websites have made the job of finding a competent blog content writer a whole lot easier.

All that needs to be done is to upload the topic you are interested in writing on and state your conditions. After review by both the website and the writer, you may have just landed an affordable and quality content writer.

You might not always find an affordable content writer on forums like this. For this reason, you should not discard writers that impress you. Finding the next quality writer on forums like this can be a heap of work.

If it is accepted by the policy of the freelance website to keep in contact with writers that impress you, then you should do just that. This way you have unrestricted access to cheap and quality blog writers without going through the stress of search the multitude all over again.

Online job posting:

This method allows you to beforehand

Make use of your social media sites. Create an attractive job posting on your social media handles. Facebook has an option for you to post jobs on the forum. LinkedIn also have the feature that enables you to post jobs. Multiple bloggers has used this medium and they have found quality blog content writers without breaking the bank.

You could try this out and it might just be the solution to finding cheap and quality blog content writers .


This method has proven to be fool-proof for years for many bloggers. Instead of going through the stress of finding the writers yourself, why not ask other bloggers how they source for writers. You save yourself a lot of time by making use of the writers they use.

This method allows you to beforehand have an idea of how to deal with the blog content writer prior to working together. There is no need to go through the trial and error method of reviewing the writer to see if the writer is up to standard.

How to find cheap quality blog content writer

Start a writers club

Instead of working with people who you are not sure will leave to hang dry without prior notice, why not groom a group of writers. The writing industry is an ever-increasing and very lucrative one at that. Quality writers are always on demand by the people who understand what they do.

It is only expected that with time after a writer who knows his worth, the writer will move on. The writer either becomes expensive or the writer is poached by other bloggers who have been searching for such height of quality. Instead of going through the hassle of trying to keep up with always changing writers, what is stooping you from grooming new ones?

There are people who have the talent and potential to excel at writing but only needs a bit of fine-tuning to achieve a good level of quality. This way you can have cheap and quality content writers at your disposal in no time, organizing a writers club can provide opportunities untold.

Finding a blog content writer is no stress the stress comes from finding the quality ones. It does not end there, there is need to be able to afford the level of quality you want. This article has provided means to find cheap and quality blog content as easily as possible.

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