How to get your first copywriting job as a freelancer

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How to get your first copywriting job as a freelancer

Working from home has become today trend, with many interested in working from home and becoming a freelance writer.

There are many people out there, with the knowledge of freelance but could not get to land their first client, it takes hard work and a lot of pushing to actually write out a good gigs that can make you land your first client. But how do you find, someone who need your service as a freelance copywriter.

1). Do Cold pitching

Firstly what is cold pitching? This is when you go to bloggers, companies, or start-up to explain to them what a copywriter can do to improve the business. Or you observe, they are trying to maintain and grow their online presence you can contact them on how you content could help them grow their business.

Do you believe you can do Cold pitching? It seems scary and hard, but it is actually easy to achieve.

The first step is to identify, the business you want to cold pitch. Maybe, they lack a blog or online presence or they are struggling with quality content. Once you have identified the business in your niche, all you have to do is to write a cold pitch and send it to them.

These are the three major things your pitch should contain

1) How you found them?

2) Who you are?

2) Blogging Pro<br />

3) How you can help them?

2). Pitch to a job board ad.

As a new freelance writing, you may want to pitch job on advert board. Using an advert board you can easily get quality job, as a new writer it also boosts your confidence and give you consistent work.

Job board ad work has benefit over, the popular online freelance market place such as Upwork and Fiverr, because there is no bidding. The business owners constantly post job ads on freelance job board, which you can pitch.

Using this platform, you may be asked to give your rate, sometimes the business owner can give the estimate.

While there are paid job board, you can as well use the free job board. As a beginner would suggest you use a free job board.

Some of which are

1) Problogger

2) Blogging Pro

How to get your first copywriting job as a freelancer

3) Canadian Freelance writing

4) Contena.

3). Use social media platforms

Social media is another platform beginner in the industry can easily job. For instance, follow jobs board on Twitter, you will easily see jobs post ads which you can pitch. It also a good way to build a good relationship with clients.

4). Ask for friends and families

This is one of the easiest way to land a job from time onset. That requires no special skill just a little recommendation from a friend or family. As a writer you may need a portfolio but these are one of the jobs you can use to build your portfolio to apply for an online job.

5) LinkedIn Job Board.

This is one of those features of LinkedIn you should be using, all you need to do is to go to their job board and sees what comes up.

So, if you are still thinking on how to start your freelance journey as a copywriter, you have the guidelines to becoming your boss.

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