How To Hire A Content Writer For Your Blog

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How To Hire A Content Writer For Your Blog

As a new blogger, you must have content to keep your blog going with visitors coming to read the latest information shared on the blog. The truth of the matter is that you are busy with other activities and may not have the time to write content for your blog. Even if you are a prolific writer, you may sometimes have a mental blockade and unable to put anything down.

A content writer will help you create content for your blog. He will come up with catchy headings and words that will bring readers to your blog in droves. Also, he will provide you with expert analysis of the topic that your blog writes about. Below are a number of things you need to consider:

Sample of their work

It is important to do an

Just like any job, the summary of work done by a content writer is of utmost importance. While writers may have many years of experience, you need to read at least 5 articles for blog posts they have written. The idea is to have a taste of their style, humor and areas of interest.

You should request that a writer shares with you work that has already been published on websites and blogs. Sample work may be different from actual work that has been published on a blog. The work should be in the same category as your blog. For instance, a content writer may be good at health and fitness, while your blog is about education. However, prolific the writer may be, they may not produce good work for them.

It is important to do an interview to test their writing skills. You should come up with a topic that you can offer the applicants to respond to. You should give them tips such as keywords to use, time it should take, writing style and the language. Blogs should be fun to read and the language should either be in first or second person to make it a personal experience even for the reader.

A content writer needs to deliver

A sample of work will enable you to check the plagiarism level if any. Plagiarism is a real issue in today’s blogs. Some writers have perfected this bad act and readers can shun your blog if they realize that your work is plagiarized meaning your content is not original.


A content writer needs to deliver his or her work at the time when you require it. Blogs need to have fresh content every time readers check out the website. In case there are delays in posting content, readers will come and leave immediately without having to satisfy their need to read your work.

Content writers are busy and most likely writing content for several people and companies. It is important to first check on their ability to meet your deadlines and this should allow time for any back and forth that may arise regarding the quality of work they deliver. You may have questions that you need clarified and if there is no time available to ask the content writer to change, you may end up posting work that is of low quality.


Hiring a content writer will come at a cost. The best Content writers charge high fees and are almost always engaged. Therefore, you will need to have a budget for your work depending on what type of content you require. With a budget, you can then look for professional content writers in your area of interest. You will also need to discuss payment plans with the content writer once you hire one. The content writer you engage maybe based abroad and you will need to agree on the payment platform you will use.


In every business, trust is an important aspect and it is no different with content writers. While trust is built over time, you need to ask for referrals from the existing clients that your prospective content writer is currently working with.

In conclusion, hiring a content writer is just as elaborate as hiring a member of staff. A content writer is a core person in the writing industry and can easily make or break your company and goals. You should therefore take time to look at all important aspects before making your decision.

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