How to learn copywriting

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How to learn copywriting

You must have heard that being a copywriter does not require any knowledge or experience for you to start. Though this claim is 100% true in every way, but it is time we start eliminating this thought and do what is required. The fact that these claim has become a universal truth to the heart of many in our world today makes many people who claim to be copywriters lazy. You should know the outcome of following these claims can be dangerous, especially if you don't make any or much attempt to improve along the way as you work. This is why most copywriters complain of low income and too many rejections on their work. Today, for this reason, we want to devote a little of the time we have to see you through on how you can learn copywriting.

Like every other profession you can think of, you need skills to come through in copywriting. What is Copywriting? This basically is the act of selling, and persuading customers with the contents you write. This can be blog posts, advertising, web marketing, magazine ad and so on. They are there to help the seller sell their products better. And in return, they get to earn a reasonable amount of money that can be enough for them if they want to go full time in it. Having taken a glimpse at what copywriting is, let us discuss how we can learn copywriting and be sure to excel in that field.

1. Reading Copywriting Books

There is a prevalent saying that “you can't give out what you don't have”. If you don't know about the field you are about venturing into, then how do you want to know what to present when a work is given to you. Another popular saying that we know also states, “readers are leaders”. Reading copywriting books is the first-ever step that is required of you to take if you wish to become a copywriter. All you have to do is look for any copywriting book written by professionals or check out for copywriting books that have gotten lots of positive reviews. You should try going through the book thoroughly so you can clearly understand the book inside out.


Doing this will open your eyes to what you are about to venture into. You will know if this will be beneficial to you or not. In most cases, individuals who are copywriters are people who love writing. That does not mean that the other set of people cannot become a copywriter if they want to. In fact, some individuals, because of copywriting, developed this passion for writing. There are lots of books that you can find out there that are about copywriting which will guide you. One of these books we can recommend for you is “The Copywriter's Handbook” by Robert Bly.

2. Invest In Copywriting Course

There are many copywriting courses online that can be of significant benefits to you if you invest in them. The most interesting part is that you can do these courses even at the comfort of your home. All that is required of you to do it to type “online copywriting course” into a search engine and go for the link you find satisfactory. If you are wondering what is the need for an online course again after getting a book for copywriting, believe it or not, it is necessary.

3. Always Observe Any Examples Of Copywriting You Come Across


This is also an enormous part of the ways you can learn copywriting. You should constantly be ready to go through any example of copywriting that you can find. It could be on blog posts, magazines, newspapers, and emails. For the emails, you can consistently look out for the ads sent to your mail and see if those ads are persuasive enough to make customers buy. If so, check out if it has anything to do with the copywriting involved in the ads. Doing this will give you an edge of knowing the tactics that copywriters used to get the attention of the readers.

4. Learn To Build Yourself In The Fields Connected To Copywriting

This shouldn't be new to you. As a copywriter, you are expected to have a high skill of grammar and spellings. However, that is not the only qualities you are to possess if you want to be recognized as a good copywriter. You should develop yourself in other areas as well, which is marketing and sales, storytelling, psychology and so on. Although you don't need to be an expert on all these subjects or skills mentioned above, but you are expected to have general knowledge about them.

5. Write Pieces Of Copy Everyday

This is where the skill of

By now, you must have gotten an insight of what copywriting is and how it is being created to draw the attention of customers. You should now start practicing by writing pieces of copy every day. If there is a specific type of copywriting you want to do, which could be SEO, video scripts or whatever, practice on those areas to get it right. While doing this, set a timer for yourself for about 15 to 30 minutes every day, and make sure you are trying to write an outstanding quality copy the entire time.

6. Answer Important Questions

In your writing, there will surely be key information that need to be answered. In a real copywriting job, your client will want to see these key information answered before your work is considered good enough to go public. These questions could appear as, “How will you define the product?” or “What is special about it?” And you should be prepared to use these questions to provide quality content for your writing.

This is where the skill of psychology comes in to play a big role. You should be able to get into the mind of the customers that will come across this piece. To do this, think of what you will want to know about the product if you were the purchaser. This way, you can provide a piece that will move them to take a good action on the product. Adding to this, you can also try to answer people's questions on social media whenever you come across them. This will give you the opportunity to understand the thoughts of people enough to write something that will attract them.

How to learn Copywriting

7. Turn An Already Made Copy Into Something Better

By now, you must have been improving in writing pieces. You should now try to search for copy written by someone else and examine it repeatedly. After you must have studied the piece, try rewriting that copy in your way that will look new to the readers grab their attention. While doing this, you should also focus on making the headline of the piece to be catchy. Keep your article short, easy to read and straight to the point. If you are still confused on how to do this, there are still examples of well-written copy around you that you can study.

8. Keep Practicing

You must have gotten an idea of what you are into and how to do them. The next is to keep on practicing on these things you have learned. Just as another popular saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. You should always practice your writing and go through them after you are done with it. If you have anyone that has the ability of proofreading around you that you know, ask them to go through your copy and give suggestions they feel you need. As you continue doing this, you will see yourself improving dramatically.

Learning copywriting can be challenging and can take lots of time, especially as a beginner. However, to be a good copywriter that will be rest assured the public will appreciate your work, then you need to follow the guidelines highlighted to you above.

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