How to see the most shared content from a website

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How to see the most shared content from a website

There are a couple of tools used in performing this function, they quickly fetch the post's performance from a website and list them. These tools range from free to planned services, they are SEM Rush, ahrefs and, the most known tool is which was found by Gillian muessig and Rand fishkin in 2004 and letter as an SEO software development in 2018.

To use this tool, you need to copy the URL of the website or page want to get data for then click on the button below. You will be required to create an account and verify your email to make it active. This allows getting access to the link Explorer and other tools. You will be given a comprehensive analysis of the providedURL and much more. Take a look at the dropdowns at the top of the table which enable you filter results as follows.

Target, this shows result for the specific URL you entered the domain or subdomain by Link source this will show you all the backlinks or only external backlinks.

By link type, this will show you links by type such as the no follow, follow or redirects. You can scroll down to note the obvious link spam, these always come from foreign sites or pornographic sites. Also take a look at the metric of the site pointing to your page. They are ranked from large to small by default which means your best backlinks are at the top.

It helps to provide the best

Alternatively without using tools there's another way to find popular post on my website is to check on the websites' sidebar, footer, about us page and resource page. Probably If the website is informative based like most of the blogs on any topic. You will need to find popular post at the sidebar or at the end of the footer section.

The reason why the popular content is at the top is to enable the visitors get the best content on the first visit. It also adds value search engines point of view as they get links from footer section. This post tends to sustain the same ranking up to the organic.

Advantages of website data analysis

It helps to provide the best value content for visitors however much you our website can be on the lower niche group, visitors getting quality results will still come back on your website since gain a significant trust from the content.

How to see the most shared content from a website.

High-value content generates more sales this is by building trust to the visitors. Repetitive visiting of the website will increase the traffic boosting the revenue.

Quality content has long life span value which survives the test of time and will always remain useful to your site for a long period of time, this will be an exceptional from the technological industry as it keep on changing with time.

Popular posts get shared more than the unpopular as they are engaging, funny, informative or controversial to the normal lifestyles. This will help make your brand visible online, most of the Shared contents are audios, videos and memes.

It also increases the SEO value of the content this is, however much you are great at writing. If undiscovered, it will be of little help.

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