How to write an essay outline

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How to write an essay outline

An outline is a guide that contains information and ideas on how the body of any given essay should look like. An outline ensures work is well organised and writers have the main points needed to support their argument.

To earn marks in essay writing, detailed information should be given with supporting evidence. An essay is a form of writing that gives writers a chance to present their arguments.

There are four types of essays. Expository,descriptive, narrative and informative. Expository essays allow writers to express their feelings and emotions. Descriptive essays provide detailed explanations, narrative tells a story whereas informative tests on the knowledge of the writer.

Making an outline of an essay assists writers to understand the type of essay they are dealing with. The following steps should be followed to ensure a good essay outline.

Introduction. Introduction determines how your essay will look like. Introduction should state your argument by providing some back up claims. The introductory part can introduce some of the points to be discussed in the main body. A strong introduction captures the readers attention. As a writer, your focus should be on giving a good introduction statements.

Topic sentence should be short and

The introduction can capture the attention of your readers or discourage them. Some of them concentrate on how you introduce them to your argumentm. It can make one read or ignore your work.

The introduction should not be too wordy or long. The use of simple sentences makes the message clear and easily understood.

The body. It is the main part of an essay. The body carries the main agenda of the essay. The body contains facts and figures. It provides readers with detailed description of concepts.

Topic sentence introduce paragraphs and concepts under the body. Topic sentence should be given first for it introduces the main idea to be discussed.

Topic sentence should be short and direct to the point. An example, in the topic how is the theme of betrayal discussed in the Blossoms of the Savannah?. The topic sentence should be acceptance of marriage proposal. The writer will then go further to explain how resians parents betrayed their daughter by accepting the proposal. A supportive evidence from the book should also be provided.

The conclusion should touch on a

The body should have a minimum of 5 points. Each point should be discussed separately with supportive evidence or facts. The body gives writer opportunity to express their ideas and convince readers to view things in their perspective. This is where the actual writing takes place. An essay without a body is irrelevant. It lacks meaning.

At the end of each point, a writer should give a concluding statement to show their stand. The concluding statement should be based on the point discussed. It should be a short statement.

The conclusion. Conclusion gives a summary of the whole essay. It gives readers an overview of what the essay was all about. A reader can understand what the whole essay is all about by reading the conclusion only.

Writers should talk about the things mentioned in the essay and not introduce new ideas. The summary should be brief for most of the things were discussed in the body.

The conclusion should touch on a few important points to emphasize their importance. A powerful conclusion accompanied by writers final remarks is essential. It gives an essay a good taste.

How to write an essay outline

A good conclusion shows the reader how well you understood and are familiar with what you talking about. Conclusion gives the reader an overview of the manner and your way of thinking.

All the above steps are useful in writing a good essay outline. Drafting the points ensures logical flow of ideas and events flow in a chronological manner. A good outline ensures no overlap of information or redundancy.

It also ensures writers plan and do extensive research. The writer do not lack points or get stuck on what to write. The writer saves time used to complete a task. A lot of time won't be spend writing for all the basic points have been prepared.

Planning is essential to yield good result. Creating an essay outline is a way of making necessary plans for your essays. Planning is a process and with determination and zeal work is made easier.

A good outline gives the writer more scores. Writers should learn the 3 steps to ensure they maintain brevity, maintain consistency, are brief and concise.

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