How to write an exciting diary

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How to write an exciting diary

Writing a diary is a way to fill memories in life, but it also has other benefits, such as exercising creativity in writing. Writing can also help maintain our mental health if you want to make a new diary, the point is to focus on getting used to writing and being creative.


If we have tried to keep a diary every day and it turns out we cannot continue to do. So, then try to make a schedule so that we can write in the diary concurrent every day. Create a daily theme, such as a diary about gratitude, dreams, and do not be afraid to scribble or write when you feel a good mood.

How about tips, so we can continue to write a diary? Check out the following tips:.

Method 1

Enter the daily writing habit by:

Keep Your Diary Helpful

One of the most challenging parts of daily writing is getting used to writing every day. An easy trick to getting used to making our diary easily accessible and visible. If you still find it challenging to starting, try to think about why writing every day is essential and why you should write for yourself.


Many people like to keep a diary wherever they go, in a pocket, bag, or backpack. In this way, we can write in a diary whenever we have an idea to write something. Others prefer to keep their diaries in an accessible place in their home, such as by the bedside. Keeping a diary somewhere that can see it can help us remember to write every day.

Schedule a Time to Write;

Many people feel comfortable choosing a specific time to write every day. The right general choice is before going to bed or even when you wake up in the morning. Having a scheduled writing time helps us develop a daily writing routine, this familiarizes our brains accustomed to writing at certain times.

Eventually, we will find words starting to flow more quickly while writing, of course, we can write in a diary at any time, by having a scheduled writing time does not mean we cannot write another time. If writing inspiration comes suddenly, then we can write more than once a day if we are moved to do it.

Do Not Worry About Others' Opinions;

Writing a diary is for ourselves, not for others, when we write in a diary, don't worry too much about spelling and grammar rules.

Because if you pay attention to what other people say, it can slow down channeling the creativity of writing. Writing a diary only for yourself can help us get to know ourselves better, reduce stress. This can have a positive impact on our mental and physical health if there is something in the diary that we want to share with others.

Create "Questions" For Input your diary

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Some days our writing will flow smoothly and naturally. Nevertheless, on the following days, we might find it challenging to starting writing, now we can ask questions that will help us to start writing.

Use Events That Happen For Short Input

In the next few days, we may not have much time to write or may not feel like writing. In such a case, it is okay to do a brief input using only a few points about the events or thoughts that we had that day.

For example, we were meeting old friends for lunch, discuss work programs, read novels or storybooks that you like. Sometimes, these points provide input for us as material for writing, and It is better to write a few notes than to spend a day without writing.

Do Not Give Up If You Miss One Day

If one day we have no idea to write, do not be discouraged. Our diaries are for ourselves, and there are no rules that say we must write every day. That said, mandatory, try not to miss more than two days in a row writing.

Method 2

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Write about thoughts and feelings, not

You can keep your writing interesting by:

Provide the Specific Purpose of Our Diary

For some time in our lives, we may not feel many exciting things had happened. This can make it more challenging to writing something interesting every day for your diary. For example:

A work project diary, where we record our progress on several ongoing projects, both personal and professional. A diary about gratitude, where we write every day about something we are thankful for. Diary about nature, where we can write about plants, animals, weather, or other natural things that we see every day.


Familiarize writing about events in detail in our new writing, this will also make our diary more useful for remembering things that happened.

For example, we write: "I saw my favorite singer playing a concert tonight," it is not very interesting. But, if we draw a standing ovation from the crowd, and the moment when the singer bows to greet the audience in the front row.

Write about thoughts and feelings, not just events

How to write an exciting diary

In the same way, our writing will be more interesting if we describe personal reflections about events that happened to us. Following the previous example, we can describe how we felt in the moments before our favorite singer went on stage, how a quick pat makes the whole body feel like vibrating, how happy and happy we are when the singer plays a favorite song, and so on. It can also help us use a diary to process our feelings during difficult times.

Be honest

Remember that this article is only for us, keeping a diary with honest reflection will make the experience more useful. It might also make it more interesting. When we feel free to explore our thoughts and feelings in writing, then we will feel satisfied with our writing.

Use a diary for creative writing

Many people think that writing a diary is about personal stories, and indeed many diaries are like that. Nevertheless, do not be afraid, though, we can write much creativity in our diaries unless we feel we do not have much to talk about in our lives.

Some people use his diary to write short stories or from other fiction. We can also write from poems that we read or song lyrics that inspire us so that we can write our poems or songs. This material can be a draft that we can develop more fully later, or it can also be part of personal writing in our diaries.

Add Pictures

Another way to make our writing enjoyable is to add pictures and images that make our writing more lively. We can use our diaries to write events in our lives and explain them. For example, when we see our favorite singer, we can put a ticket on the diary page that we used to explain the writings about our favorite singer's concert. Furthermore, it turns out, writing is fun and healthy, even though sometimes the feeling of lazy to come over.

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