How writers get ideas

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How writers get ideas

Writing is a silent or non verbal way of communicating an information from one person to another. It is an old form of communication that has been used for many years from generations. Information passed have different theme and target different people depending on what you are interested in. Writers are people who involve themselves in the art of writing. There are various types of writers namely: poetic writers these are writers who write poems to convey a message, journalistic writers they deal news and research stories. Fictional writers deal with novels and other literature books, academic writers mainly publish books which are used for academic purposes, affiliate writers are online writers who conduct research and publish their writing online.

Writers get ideas from various sources

Writers get ideas from various sources to publish what is attractive and captivating to the readers. For instance, a writer can get his ideas from his own life experience. They could be childhood, teenage or adulthood experience, this is called first hand information or primary source. You could use it to pass a message that will educate and entertain your readers. Writers can also get ideas from other peoples' life events. You could study another person's life experience to create the character of your story.

It is majorly done by fictional

It is majorly done by fictional writers who want to portray distinct character traits of people to let readers judge and learn. Having conversation with different individuals and listening to their incidences can give you a hint on what to write. Everyone has passed through various and unique experience throughout our lives which makes it interesting to get information. Some writers get ideas from looking at pictures and studying them well. Pictures can be from his collection, other people or animals' collection they can be pictures from past or current events. Through this you could come up with creative ideas that are worth reading. Art exhibitions bring an idea for the writer because he will look at the exhibit and come up with something interesting to write.

How writers get ideas

Historical monuments and archival records can also be used as source of idea. Travelling around the world can be a great source of ideas since different people have dissimilar culture, norms and beliefs that distinguish them from the rest. A writer can observe this and create an article which can be used by others to have knowledge of what they did not have a clue of. The adventure of visiting new places always create excitement and enthusiasm to know and explore more. Some writers have a journal where they write their daily or other peoples' stories. Through this they get an idea about what they are going to write and perfect on it. Watching news can make a writer come up with idea of either a past, present or future idea which can be useful to the readers later on.

This kind of information can be used for political or academic purposes to know the history of the country and the leaders, solutions to future problems and success and mistakes made during a particular period. Creative writers can get ideas from weird dreams and turn them into a very overwhelming story. Dreams can be about happy or horrific events which can be turned into literature form. Attending social events like weddings, funerals and get together parties can give you a sneak pick of what you need to write because you will meet distinct individuals who have encountered various occurrences in life. The internet can also be used as a form of gathering ideas through the use of Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because it is widely used by people to convey their stories.

Political, social and economic occurs change everyday because of various circumstance and changes in time. Writers can take these opportunities to be innovative in their writing skills to be an eyeopener to the society and come up with amicable solution to what they are facing. Interrogating individuals and listening to their opinions can make you have an idea of what you will write by sampling they answers. In a nutshell, ideas can come from any place, person or event how you view things and have a creative mind is what matters the most. Your message should also have clarity, theme and wide range of imagination.

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