How writers think

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How writers think

You can only know how important writing is when you remember what age kids start to learn it and from a young age, children are taught how to write immediately they can hold a pencil. The most important and vital things needed as we grow are taught to us at very young ages so they stick to our memories. Even though little children begin with doodling alphabets in both block and little letters, they grow up into adults who write fluently straight from their minds. This is exactly why thinking as a writer is very important, despite whatever type of a writer you are.

It is an art communicating thoughts and ideas through using of letters and a few symbols like the punctuation. The art is as old as time, before its discovery, people usually passed information with word of mouth (Oral Tradition) and as you can imagine, oral tradition had a whole lot of flaws, from forgetting, to mixing up information. However, as writing was discovered, information was kept original and lasted for a long time. We have different types of writing; Descriptive, Narrative, Persuasive, Expository and Creative writing. There are smaller branches, but the ones stated earlier are the five major forms.

Narrative is the form that says

Descriptive is the type where the writer uses the details acquired from the subject to paint a picture to readers. It has given readers the ability to see what the writer sees, as the writer tries to be exact as possible. Describing a person, place, objects, a feature like a smile or frown are examples of descriptive articles amidst others. A descriptive writer has to think of the best way to describe the object in the perfect way the reader can understand. If a nonprofessional or a professional is to read your words, will they be able to see what you see even in the absence of the said subject.

Narrative is the form that says a story, it is basically your typical story. It has to contain the elements of a story; Plot, Characters, Conflicts and theme. This kind of includes some poems, theatre plays, drama, short stories, prose and even movie scripts.

Expository is the type that is

Persuasive is strictly for the sake of convincing, pulling someone's mind towards whatever you are writing. You could change the mind and mentality of a writer from your work. In this kind, the writer has to think of a way to change the mindset of the reader by bringing out the benefits and advantages of what is being written about. The persuasive writer has to think of techniques to convince and persuade the reader and Copywriting falls under this category as well as Sales Pitches and presentations.

Expository is the type that is centered on explanation and illustration. The writer has to explain or clarify a subject in a way the reader gains more knowledge. It is derived from the word 'expose' meaning to uncover something, making it visible. This one specifically has to do with subjects that do not have much clarity and understanding. Since the subject is not so clear, the writer has to have more knowledge on it to be able to expose it.

There are numerous skills needed as

Creative is actually one of the hardest forms, it involves the use of creativity to write. In simpler terms, it is the type of writing that comes from the writer's mind and thoughts. This one differs from the other kinds in the sense of it lacking relations to another story or idea. Majority if not all of this kinds of articles are fictional, which means all or most of the ideas are invented by the author. It includes folklores, fictional poems, fictional stories, and scripts for non-fictional movies etc.

There are numerous skills needed as a writer to excel in your field, some of these include; Good and above average grammar, in whatever language a writer writes, they have to be extremely fluent in that specific language. Nobody wants to read an article with bad grammar or misspellings. Observation, A good writer must be able to observe his or her environment to get ideas and open up their creativity channel. A good writer must be very observant of the audience they plan to reach with their content.

How writers think

Thinking and Reasoning: Despite the various types and forms of writing, one major thing is related to all, creativity. Writers have to think, if they have to persuade, entertain, or simply write anything. What makes readers read an article or content is owed to the kind of the writer. It is impossible to be creative without thinking, because reasoning brings insight to the writer. Writers think about how to achieve the goal of the content, be it descriptive, expository, narrative, persuasive or Creative.

Being able to think is one of the most important skills any writer should have and it is unarguable. It occurs in the mind, helping us to gather certain information, create ideas and organize these information. Writers think with the intention of creating or relaying an article that meets the specific needs of the reader, accomplishing the purpose of the content. When writers fail to think, plagiarism sets in, and they tend to copy other people's thoughts and out into creating content. Negative thinking creeps in from time to time, but these thoughts have to be avoid, to ensure good work from the writer.

Writers have to be specific in thinking, not just think haphazardly and they also have to ensure their mind capacity grows and do not just remain stagnant. Optimism occurs in the mind, a good writer must have positive reasoning ability resulting in good content. When writers think and come up with their plans, they are free to write down and present to readers. It is not just something that happens at once, a simple thought coming to your mind is different from actually thinking. As a writer, you have to cut out time to think deeply before putting the pen to the paper or typing. A very good writer should also be able to think like the audience the article is intended for.

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