How You Can Land an Amazing Remote Job

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How You Can Land an Amazing Remote Job

Most people out there would rather have a job which does not require them to go through much stress, working at home is the most preferred alternative. But landing a good remote job is not all that easy, so this article will be going over what you need to know if you want to land one. Before we proceed, it should be made clear that a real remote job is different from just 'working online'. YouTube, blogging, online freelancing and digital product distribution are all aspects of working online. These are all business prospects you can create for yourself with a little to no capital and hard work. But think of a remote job as your typical office job, but without the office. You are still working under a person or company with set rules and regulations, but you are working online from your home. 

Landing the Job:

In landing a remote job, there are a few things you need to know, as it can be quite the challenge. They include:

Ask Yourself if a Remote Job is Right For You:

Working from the comfort of your home with lax hours and less pressure sounds good, but you have to ask if that kind of lifestyle really is for you. Different people have different work ethics, changing from your office to the comfort of your home will affect how well you do your work. If you're the kind of person who can't work without being in an office, or you actually do better under the pressure, then perhaps you should rethink your decisions. Other minor things to note include: cost of commute, family time and loniless among others. 

Not all remote jobs will ask

Picking the Right Job:

Not every remote job out there is the same, you'd be surprised at how diverse the online job business can be. So because of this, you need to sit down and think about what kind of job you want. Think about the 'kind' of work you want to do, if you want to be a content writer for a company, be a product manager, or you want to interact with customers, you'll have to locate the right company for the right job. Also, think about how many hours you want to work. Perhaps you want to keep the 9-5 attitude, or maybe you want to work shorter hours, all this depends solely on the company you want to work for. Perform extensive research and hear from others who have worked there.

Other things to consider include, pay, company culture, and even the headquarters location. 

 Writing Out Your CV:

Not all remote jobs will ask for CVs, some accept you regardless of experience, but if your job requires you to submit one, then listen up. 

AngelList is a job listing site

When creating a CV, always apply the right format. Start with a header, then profile and objective, then continue with experience, education and skills, finish it off with any additional things you want to add. Use the right font and tense, and ensure to avoid wordy phrases. Job recruiters spend 6 seconds on each document they review, if it has a good first impression, the document is more likely to be considered for an extensive analysis.

Also ensure to brush up on your knowledge of technology, follow the right sites and social media accounts and consider visiting a branch of the company in person.

Now that you know the basics of actually landing the job, here are some websites and networks that you can visit to apply for your first job:


AngelList is a job listing site that gives its users a chance to make it big. This is first on this list simply because of how perfect it is for new start-ups. Instead of needing your CV or resumé, you can create profiles which employers will go through and use to judge whether you're employable or not.

How You Can Land an Amazing Remote Job


This is another remote working site that gives users a wide range of jobs; from full-time, to part-time, and some starter test jobs. To have access to the jobs available here, you need to pay a fee of $14.99, but in reality that seems like a small price when compared to how much you could make from the jobs on the site. 


This is a user interactive site that connects various job seekers the job of their dreams, and to each other. Pangian, with its chatrooms, allows users to connect with one another as they search for employment prospects. It also has a wide range of jobs, being constantly updated, and is sure to keep you busy. 

Working from home is a dream for many that has been made possible through remote jobs. This article has complied tips on how to do it and also where do it. Following the steps listed here will give you nothing short of an edge in the employment rat race. There is one thing to remember, and that is that working remotely from is not always easy, especially in the beginning. Know that you are very unlikely to receive your first job on the first day, but always keep pushing.

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