Important points to consider when writing a curriculum vitae

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Important points to consider when writing a curriculum vitae

A curriculum vitae (CV) is simply a document, that is written as an overview of a person’s work life. It describes, in depth the academic and professional background of a person in detail. In other words, it is a summary of a person’s professional and academic biography. This document is used to attract employers or recruiters and certain learning institutions that a person wishes to enroll for.

However, it is not easy to come up with an excellent CV that attracts the recruiter of the desired job or position. In this regard, there is need to note some important aspects to consider for you to come up with a high quality CV that will get you your desired job or career.

After conducting research, the next step

To write an excellent and relevant CV, the first step is to carry out research in the particular field that you wish to apply for. This practice helps to ensure that you include the necessary qualifications and skills needed for the position that you desire. For instance, it does not make any sense for a person who is applying for a position of Accountant at a certain bank to include skills like swimming, or cooking. Instead, they need to enlist other skills such as accuracy in balancing figures and the like.

After conducting research, the next step should be to make a list of the requirements needed such as, necessary skills, experiences and qualifications that you may need to scoop your desired position. If a list is not made, you might forget to include the skills that might attract recruiters.

The profile is the first thing

Another essential tip for an awesome CV, is to make certain, that you write a strong and catchy short profile.

The profile is the first thing that recruiters see as they are perusing through CVS. It is important to note that most good positions have numerous applicants, therefore giving recruiters a huge amount of work load. A catch and interesting profile will therefore attract recruiters at first glance. A good profile, must be short, but it should contain a summary of all the necessary skills and qualifications. Majority of recruiters offer employment just by looking at an applicant's profile. It gives them an insight about the entire CV without even looking at any other contents of the document.

Important points to consider when writing a curriculum vitae

Using commonly used terms such as hardworking, punctual and so on, is a major don’t. These are terms that are used by almost 70% of applicants, making it less of a convincing quality. Of course, everyone wants to convince the recruiter that they are hardworking even when they are not. That being so, you must come up with a creative, yet professional way of stating your traits and how you plan to impact the firm or institution upon being hired.

It is important to make certain that all contact details have a professional backing. Some recruiters use contact details to go through social media profiles and the like, just to see how reasonable and professional the applicant is. They also go through profiles to ensure that you are not lying about certain skills. Therefore, providing ethically oriented professional contact details for the recruiters is advised.

One other important point to note when writing a CV, is the language used. A CV is meant to prove an applicant’s professionalism; It is however important to use professional language when preparing a CV. In this day and age language has slowly evolved and informal language has become popular and is slowly suppressing the decency of the professional language. Formal language is a work ethic on it’s on and this makes it a general requirement for any profession. This language has a major impact on the quality of a CV.

Always remember to enlist qualifications and skills in their order of necessity, with the position requirements as a guide. Recruiters only accept the most qualified applicants for the job, hence the order in which your qualifications are listed plays a significant role in convincing the employers.

Last but not the least, proofreading has proved to be a very important skill and necessity in writing. A number of people do not bother to go through their work because they believe they have tabulated every important detail, but what they forget is the fact that the human brain, just like other organs is prone to malfunctioning. After composing your unique CV, go through your work correct grammar and spelling errors and include other details you may have forgotten or ommit the details you believe are unnecessary. With this done, you are sure to be selected for your dream position.

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