Improvising Professional Writing:

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Improvising Professional Writing:

Anyone can dream about becoming a successful writer someday. But, only those who have professional touch in their writings can reach the spotlight. There are some tips to be learnt for achieving the professional touch in a writing. Those tips are stated below.


Targeting your readers is a very important fact. Because, no writer is writing for themselves. Obviously, they aren't the only person to read their book. So, before writing the idea which you have in your mind, think about your readers and to which type of readers you are writing to. You should ask yourself certain questions before writing such as,

-Is it a teen or an adult?.

-Which set of like minded people will like this?.

-Will they be able to relate to this story?.

-Will they learn something new in this which they have never known before?.


These set of questions will help you figure out which type of content you should be writing.


Once you are done with targeting your audience, you should plan your story accordingly. Think differently and do a whole set of rough copy before jumping into the writing process. Finish the whole story beforehand by separating it into three-the beginning, the middle and the end.

Decide what are the key elements that are going to be there in each one of that and decide how much of the plot that your readers will come to know in each. After finishing everything and making a plan, start with your writing.


Another professional tip is maintaining a secret plot for sometime. Don't give away the whole concept at the very beginning of the story. Make your readers wait for the major plot. If they knew about the plot at the beginning, they wouldn't be interested in reading it.



This is another curiosity killer when it comes to reading a book. You shouldn't fill your book with random words or random plots just to get your word count up. It would cause unnecessary confusion among the readers. In today's modern world, everyone have their own problems to be taken care of. So, they wouldn't have time and energy to put up with the dragging you make in your writing.

At the same time, don't give too much of details about a particular person or a simple scene. Don't use details as long as they aren't necessary.

For example:

i) Rachel was sitting on her chair while working on her laptop (necessary).

ii)Rachel was sitting on her pink chair which has white polka dots all around it and was placed above the hallway of her house. She was working on her black laptop which had barbie stickers on them and had glitters all over it etc...(unnecessary).

As stated above you can definitely see the difference between the necessary and the unnecessary ones.


Improvising Professional Writing:

These two are the most necessary ones to make the readers understand at which time this whole story revolves around-Present, Past, Future. Punctuation plays a crucial role. Even if one of them got replaced, it will change the meaning of that sentence.


Any good story comes from the base of a very good and unexpected plot twist. It must be logical. It should have something to relate it with the plot. It shouldn't slip away from the concept on which the whole story is built. To make it unexpected, make sure not to give any clues to the readers on the before chapters.

Readers shouldn't have even a slightest idea of what's going to happen. Only then, the story would be a successful one.


Think out of the box. Every idea has already been made into a successful story or a movie. So, if you repeat even a slight version from it, then you'd be accused of copying. So, squeeze your mind and pull out those creative juice for creating something new. It must be a fresh one which will make the readers get even more interested to your story.


Selecting the perfect heading for your book is another trick when it comes to professional writing. That one perfect heading which you are going to create for your book will act as a bridge for making your work sell. It makes the first impression on the readers' mind. It should be relevant to the concept of the story.

At the same time, while giving some description about your book, make sure to choose the right words for it. Because, that will enhance the readers' curiosity to buy it.

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