Is ad agency copywriting a dying profession? Or It is just evolving

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Is ad agency copywriting a dying profession? Or It is just evolving

Many think ad agency copywriting is dying, others vehemently disagree to the assertion. Whether it is dying or not depends on perspective and information the speaker has at his disposal. Copywriting as a profession is on demand and will always be on demand especially since business are not extinct and the rate at which the world craves quality content is high. Going right to the point, the answer to the question is a mild "yes" and a "no". Ad agency copywriting might be on the decline but won't die out for several reasons which will be discussed below.

Copywriters largely, are employed by ad agencies as part of a team of creatives to write copy or script for advertisement. Based on client feedback, copywriters in ad agencies work on social media posts, billboards, newspaper advertisement and other marketing communications. We all know the relevance of these advertising contents and would acknowledge perpetuity in demand for these contents especially in the present digital world. Despite the rise in demand for valuable content, there is a mild decline in business of ad agencies. This piece will be in two parts, one discussing why ad agencies copywriting is dying with the second part discussing why it is not dying.

Some big corporations are beginning to

Ad agency copywriting may be dying and there are a couple of contributing factors. Most copywriters are finding it "sexy" to be in the freedom land- freelance copywriting. For tons of reasons copywriters are shunning the ad agencies that were once attractive to them. Some want to be boss of themselves, others simply want to spend much time with family and would rather work less. Others also think it's a better path to financial freedom hence will jump on the freelance wagon once they have gathered the requisite experience and some contacts to start with.

Some big corporations are beginning to build their in-house advertising capabilities. Big clients of most ad agencies are beginning to build their in-house experts to work on projects that were sacred and secured for these advertising agencies. These big clients find it financially prudent and cost effective to set up a team of their own to deal with most projects. This is causing a reduction in the demand for copywriters in ad agencies but not copywriting in general.

Despite all these, the brighter side

Other reasons could be the existence of the internet and the increasing number of people who could come up with cheap content. These contents or copy may not be of high quality but are invading the digital space. Others also deem A.I. technologies as competition to copywriting in general as these technologies are predicted to overtake some professions. Ad agencies also in the bid to find copywriting and art designing skills in one individual are losing sight of copywriters and their essential value in advertising.

Despite all these, the brighter side and the reason ad agency copywriting isn't dead yet is incredible. Currently, our digital world and the internet demands copy in seismic volumes. The amount of content the internet allows to be created is beyond most people's imagination. Demand has evolved with technology and most ad agencies are beginning to respond to the demand. As long as the market exists (though is a different form) the industry players will supply hence more work for copywriters within these agencies.

Is Ad Agency Copywriting A Dying Profession? Or It's Just Evolving?

Copywriting exists so long as humans communicate with others to buy into ideas or buy products they were once strangers to. Though some corporations are moving in-house for ad campaigns, they realise some projects requires specialist experts to work on. Some ad agencies know the field and the right deals to negotiate with channels and various publishers, corporations can't do these with their in-house advertisers. Most of these advertising agencies' copywriters craft the language for these very artificial intelligence (A.I.) seen as competition to copywriters.

Ad agency copywriting is not dying, it is evolving into ways many haven't realised but would grasp along the way. Technology and digitization doesn't adversely affect copywriting but enhances the influence of creative content creators. It is the collaborative efforts of copywriters, creative directors and designers that come up with dazzling ideas, most freelancers can't come up with. They combine services together to solve problems and influence or persuade the mass of audience clients crave.

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