Is content analysis qualitative or quantitative

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Is content analysis qualitative or quantitative

Until some time ago, it was widely believed that ‘Customer is the King’. With changing times, it is now considered that not customer but content is the king. Without content, the vagueness in explaining things exists, which states a clear, concise, and concrete content is the need of the hour. Now, in terms of understanding what content is, it is nothing but a shortcut key to grab the eyeballs of the 'customer's'. Cut straight to the point, it means directly influencing the mind and being able to change their perception towards a particular thing or product in an innovative way.

Once the content is ready, the core task of analysing the content comes into account. That is ‘content analysis,’ which is considered to hold intrinsic value in any content creation. To go by definition, content analysis is nothing but a research method that is carried out to identify patterns in recorded communication. The essence of content analysis lies in an empirical scientific method required to draw conclusions through different communication methods like interviews, observations, publications, and more. Its history can be traced back to the 17th century and the inquisitorial pursuits of the church. Then towards the beginning of the last century, content used to analyse newspapers, and those were considered to be quantitative.

In the second world war, it was used as an analysis of propaganda, which again was quantitative. Eventually, since then, it is deemed that the use of content analysis has spread across other disciplines, evolving towards qualitative analysis.

 Thus, categorising the themes, and

Coming to the point, is content quantitative or qualitative? For most of the time, it is yes!! Content analysis is both quantitative and qualitative. As content is often real, the approaches come into play to basically study the underlying cause and effect relationship. No wonder, they are management terminologies but in present times are used explicitly across all disciplines, be it science, arts or management.

Identifying how content analysis is quantitative or qualitative, content that is purely intended toward counting and measuring is a quantitative analysis conducted. In other words, qualitative analysis is focused on interpreting and understanding the texts or recorded patterns in any forms.

Thus, categorising the themes, and concepts within the texts and then analyse the results.

Is content analysis qualitative or quantitative?

Qualitative content is mostly deemed to be communication-centric in nature. Used widely across extensive studies and thesis to deliver proven results, qualitative content analysis specifies any information in broader terms and appropriately provides messages. Thus, including both context and process for the creation of the communications.

The quantitative analysis basically deals from the point of numbering or measuring perspective. Right from establishing a hypothesis, identifying actual data collection sources, finalizing sample methods to developing data collection. Quantitative content analysis speaks a lot in itself.

On the brighter side, content analysed both qualitatively and quantitatively makes it easier for the analyst to create forecasts about trends. Make more logical strategies and address issues that are related more specifically to areas of opportunity.

In a nutshell, it aids one to get faster opinions while minimising guesswork. Apart from this, other key advantages include relevant historical insights, an unobtrusive way of gathering information, and more.

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