Is copywriting an actual, real career?

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Is copywriting an actual, real career?

If you ask on if Copywriting is a real career, then the simple answer that should be given to you is “YES!”

To know why and how, let me walk you through the explanation why being a Copywriter is actually a very good and actual, real career.

First, what is Copywriting? Copywriting simply means writing texts that can be used for advertisement or for publicity materials.

For the texts you see on brochures, websites, adverts, catalogs, billboards, emails and so on, are all the work of a Copywriter.

Who doesn't like a job where you work from home? All you need is a desktop computer, laptop or a smartphone with internet connections and you type some certain number of words on a particular topic and earn from it.

There are millions of people today who are making it big as a Copywriter. Many have taken it to be a full time job. And of course, for an occupation that is a full time job and pays well in six figures of dollars is without doubt classified as a real career.

Before we look deeply into the highlights of Copywriters who have made it big to prove our point why Copywriting is an actual, real job, there are certain skills that is required of a Copywriter if he or she wants to turn it into a full time job and make tons of money from it. These skills are needed by every Copywriter who want to be successful, and they are;

Working as a copywriter

1) Skills on English Language

You want to survive as a Copywriter and stand out among the crowds that are competing for a spot in the Copywriting world? Then, you should not underrate the importance of having high level of skills on the English language.

This is because as a Copywriter, it is the number one thing that is being expected of you. Filling in too many grammatical errors in your work or articles already destroys your reputation and disqualifies you from the Copywriting world. Even without you knowing it.

As a Copywriter, one is expected to develop him/herself to having high skill of Grammar, spellings and punctuations.

2) Seeing from Different Point of View

Being a Copywriter, one is expected to see from the buyer's point of view by putting themselves in the buyer's shoe. This way, it should be easy providing content that buyers are going to find difficult to reject.

3) Researching

Writing as a career

A Copywriter who does not research is not qualified to be called a Copywriter. To be able to use the internet to research on a given topic will not only make things easier but also make it much more accurate.

Why Is Copywriting An Actual, Real Career?

You see, Copywriting isn't just a job. It is more like a business you own for yourself. No one is going to force you out of bed by as early as 5am in the morning. You are independent, chanced enough to take breaks and vacations, yet still earn big.

Don't get it all wrong. Copywriting is not as easy as it sounds but it is very a very convenient job. A lot of people stay on the job for years and are not ready to quit any time soon. Some spend up to 50 years doing this work! That is enough to call it a career.

People don't just spend so much time on it, but they earn big too! According to research, good Copywriters make up to $150,000 a year. While the not so good or popular Copywriters make up to $45,000 in a year. That's a lot of money.

Some top Copywriters in the world are David Ogilvy, Gary Harbert, Joseph Sugarman, John Carlton and so on. And these people have their careers in Copywriting and is making lots of money.

So yes! Copywriting is an actual, real career!

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