Is copywriting over saturated? Beat the market

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Is copywriting over saturated? Beat the market

Market saturation occurs when there is no longer demand for a particular product or service. A school textbook supplier, for instance, will experience this when all schools in his reach acquire an adequate quantity of books. He can no longer make new sales unless he is doing the replacement of worn-out books from time to time.

Despite the growing need for copywriting services, the industry depends on the quality of work and not its quantity. This situation renders only a few experienced copywriters to be needed to handle the many tasks available. New copywriters will, therefore, have to cut out a niche for themselves to make it in this market truly.

There is the option of working through an agency, or you can cut your place as a freelancer. Whichever the form, there are a few pointers that you can follow to make a place for yourself.

Understand the job

You should not assume that this is not formal employment and become casual with your work. It is wise to research to understand the field, just as you would do before taking an interview for a 9 to 5 job. Also, you will need to develop a sense of discipline that guides you through such matters as meeting timelines.

The ability to attract clientele will

There are many forms of writing, so that copywriting is different from article writing, for example. Copywriting is the creation of content to promote the successful sale of a product or service. Tasks will revolve around this fact if you, as a copywriter, are to remain relevant to your client.

Start small

There may be a temptation to take on complex tasks that promise a lot of money. Selecting light jobs, at first, enables you to learn the ropes. With time and with a lot of practice, the requirements become clearer; hence you can take increasingly demanding work.

Skill is everything

The ability to attract clientele will largely depend on writing power. Writing networks and agencies have ranks based on expertise. As a writer with a high skill rating, you most likely will be given priority over your lower-skilled peers when tasks arise. Freelancing, will largely depend on referrals and hence draw traffic if you are of a high skill-set.

Growing your knowledge base will enable

An excellent point to start in building skill is to identify and follow experienced copywriters, noting their style and what makes them top. You could also look for a mentor or peer from whom to seek guidance.

Understand the market

Taking a task involving a department store that mostly deals with baby items such as toys and clothing, as an example. The customers here will primarily be mothers (rather than children). What is the chief concern of such a mother to who your piece seeks to appeal? Gaining a good understanding of these demands will help you, as a copywriter, to produce cutting-edge work and hence draw referrals.

Be dynamic in a niche

Growing your knowledge base will enable you to produce work with a broader perspective. 'Climb hills at a good speed without tiring your quadriceps,' may catch the attention of a cyclist. It demonstrates, not just a knowledge of bicycles but also of the challenges cyclists face in their trade. The copy will have a wider reach – that being a key objective of copywriting.

Is copywriting over saturated? Beat the market

Choose a field and learn how it works

Learning has got a lot to do with repeating something to understand how it works. Continually working in a particular niche enables you to learn intricate details, the bicycle narrative above being one such example, that strikes a chord with intended customers. Operating a wide variety of fields will render you shallow and deny your pieces a sense of uniqueness.

Take care of language

The piece of work will lose the intended audience if it contains mistakes. You must take time to read through the copy to ensure correctness, especially taking care of spelling and grammar. SEO, for example, requires that codes should be written correctly and tested to ensure they work seamlessly.


Beating market saturation is a process of growth where you walk with your clients. There is some falling, and success comes from persistence in overcoming challenges. A copywriter must accept the possibility of making mistakes and even losing clients but make a point of picking the lessons. Fear of failure will see you hopping from field to field and experience no growth if you do not give up altogether.

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