Part time job sites for teaching online

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Part time job sites for teaching online

With the advancing technology, online teaching has been made easier through introduction of variants of teaching tools such as video chats, document collaboration, virtual whiteboard, student homework and screen recording. If you are looking forward to illuminating students from all over the world with your outstanding educational knowledge, listen. Here are several legitimate online tutoring platforms where you can work at the comfort of your home, with a flexible teaching schedule, more audience and adaptable teaching tools.

Chegg Tutors: Formerly known as InstaEDU, this site was launched in 2012; it has since gained popularity and by 2016, it could reach more than 40 million students. At Chegg Tutors, you can choose to tutor high school or college students any subject including Math, Computer, Science, Literature, Music, Engineering, Accounting and other numerous courses. Additionally, you choose what to teach which means you do what you are commendable at, with a flexible schedule. The salaries are exceptional; $20 an hour is a relatively high salary as compared to other platforms. It also helps build reputation as students give their reviews after completion of a course.

Buddy School: This is another laudable and reputable online teaching platform where you apply peer teaching strategy to impact to students. All you have to do is register with Buddy School and create your profile, introduce your teaching materials and students will rate you, and henceforth build an audience. You can choose to teach students from any level of education and the paying rates rage from $5-20. An added advantage is that you will be provided with teaching materials to use during your lessons and you set your most convenient tutoring time.

sign up for a myTeachable account<br />

WizIQ: The rapidly growing platform is an effective way to impact flocks of students worldwide. Here, a tutor can choose between delivering live virtually or creating self-paced courses with their unbound, intact and convenient software and upload them for students. You could also enable mobile learning which allows student to access classes through any device from any location; classes can contain 10-100 students at your preferred rate.

Teachable: Launched in 2014, this worldwide platform has over 83000 instructors and above 23 million students. The advanced platform offers a user friendly interface for you to create your preferred courses and upload them. It is a great opportunity to grow an audience as you earn from sales of your courses to students globally. To start working at Teachable, just create your school through the following easy steps:

sign up for a myTeachable account

Select enter my school and go

Add your details

Give your school a name

Select enter my school and go ahead to set up your school and courses. This site has a long history as it has been operational since 1998, no wonder it is distinguished by both students and tutors. It is commendable for anyone since you can choose from a wide range of subjects, starting from Maths, Science such as Biology and Chemistry, Language and Literature, History and Calculus. The qualifications are; have a good know-how of the subject you intend to teach and be a US citizen.

Udemy: This E-learning platform was founded in 2010 and has since grown to an esteemed learning site with over 50 million students as of Jan. 2020. With over 100,000 courses to teach and 50 plus languages to choose from, this is the ideal site for you to up skill professional students and adults. All you need to do is ensure you meet your preferred course minimum requirements at the site, register and start creating your course. Udemy offers training programmes to tutors on how to create their courses and is therefore an ideal platform even for beginner tutors.

Studydraft: This is another ideal nook for all, notwithstanding whether you are a freshman or an adept tutor. The platform allows you to develop valuable experience in both tutoring and writing by connecting you to students who require assistance with their homework writing and other academic work. Registering with Studydraft is free, and involves filling an online application form, partaking in an English test and finally writing an article to showcase your ability.

Whether it is to understand hazy concepts, learn a new language or even assignment completion, students worldwide are turning to online learning. The interactive elements make it more engrossing while the readily available educational materials attracts more students. In case you want to pursue your passion or simply looking for a niche to earn extra coins, the above platforms come in handy. Why not find your space?

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