Photoshop and copywriting, relatable?

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Photoshop and copywriting, relatable?

Having Photoshop skills is an added advantage for any individual but is it important to a copywriter? This largely depends on perspective and the type of copywriter. Freelance copywriters might find having Photoshop skills of a larger benefit to them than copywriters that work at companies that already have all these workers in place.

A freelance copywriter might sometimes encounter a client that also needs some graphic work to be done and would greatly benefit from having the skills here. As a copywriter, you can tap into your skills and get higher pay for a work that would have involved only writing. A company copywriter on the other hand is part of a team with someone who already has those skills.

As a freelancing copywriter, the money you earn might not be as substantial as that of a company copywriter. Having Photoshop skills can assist greatly assist you in your work as a copywriter and also generate another source of income for them. Sites that offer content work as well as copywriting jobs such as ‘Copywriting Network’ give extra pay for copywriters with Photoshop skills.

Photoshop helps with image writing, you

Aa a copywriter, if you have Photoshop skills, you might find it useful in terms of creating graphic work for articles you write, cover pages for books.

Working with designers is also a lot easier when a copywriter has Photoshop skills. There is little explaining needed from the designer, and they are more likely to refer you to other clients if you are easy to work with.

Photoshop helps with image writing, you might find this a very useful advantage. It helps in presenting your finished work or to add touched up images and elegance to your work.

Branding is also a Photoshop application,

Perhaps as a copywriter, you wish to create copywriting job opportunities for others and want to create a website which facilitates that. Having Photoshop skills would help you in designing a website that will appeal to both your clients and your workers.

It helps with social media, by advertising your business on social media your chances of gaining new clients increases substantially. Using Photoshop to create attractive advertising images will impress people and make them interested in working for you. Instead of hiring someone to do this work, having the skill will enable you to do it yourself.

Branding is also a Photoshop application, you can create a logo for your brand, personalize it, do editing work, touchups etc. As a copywriter, you might want to go big and create a whole brand for yourself. Having skills in Photoshop will help you in creating a brand that is originally yours and is a result of your creativity and expression.

Photoshop and copywriting, relatable?

As a company copywriter, while you may never need to do any graphic work involving Photoshop, having the skill will help in your understanding of what the designers do. Photoshop is not an easy application to learn, you will therefore be more empathetic towards the designers and appreciate their works more. This will definitely make you a more pleasant person to work with and push you towards getting more clients.

Having ‘Photoshop expert’ on your résumé will make it more attractive. Who doesn’t want a résumé that shows off many skills and achievements? Even if you are a high achieving copywriter, having an extra set of skills does not hurt.

Many copywriters argue that their jobs shouldn’t involve graphics work and that graphic designers would not be asked if they could write. In truth, a copywriter’s job does not involve graphic design and a lot of people view the constant request for a copywriter with Photoshop skills insulting and don’t consider offers from clients that demand for this. This is somewhat counterproductive and you only end up losing more work. It is therefore better and more profitable for a copywriter to have Photoshop skills although it might not be necessarily important.

In conclusion, Photoshop is a highly useful software which anyone can be trained to use and is very beneficial for the user. A copywriter is someone whose basic training does not involve the use of graphics software but can benefit from learning how to use it. Therefore, while Photoshop is not a skill that is important for you as copywriter to have, it is a skill which you will greatly benefit from and will go a long way in helping to develop your career.

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