Plagiarism takes over your own work?

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Plagiarism takes over your own work?

Plagiarism is a very conflicting issue really, most people have a certain misunderstanding when it comes to plagiarism. Hence, what is plagiarism? Plagiarism -according to the Oxford English dictionaries- means stealing or claiming another's work as your own. So, does this mean it is plagiarism to copy your work? Hold on a second, we'll get back to that.

Many of us as successful writers or even small silent writers tend to commit plagiarism, either intentionally or unintentionally. As a writer he/ she may include information about other authors and even consider it as non-plagiarism. This issue is not because an author condemns to stealing others' pieces of writing but rather, it is the psychology itself. He/ she may have had read, for example, an article probably a couple of years ago, the rough idea of what the article says stuck in mind. Now, this author re-wording it, may write this piece of work, claiming it to be his own but in fact he is committing plagiarism, even without his knowledge.

As a solution to this irritably

But, many authors or writers may commit plagiarism on purpose It may not be because they have such bad intentions, or they're a bad person in general. It can cause due to numerous reasons that shall be discussed in a while. Now, how can we as humans, -who as a natural human quality have such unlawful desires and temptations- overcome this situation? You'll see in just a second.

As a solution to this irritably mind consuming case, what do we do to prevent plagiarism? Plagiarism can be prevented by pretty simple steps.

Lack of understanding or comprehension of

The main cause of plagiarism -mainly to be seen within students- is procrastinating or postponing of a certain work. Procrastinating, most of the time unintentionally causes the commitment of plagiarism. For example, most students don't really do their given homework, the following day the answers or notes of a friend are being copied on to theirs as their own. Here, without even realizing plagiarism is being committed, he/she is committing plagiarism. Hence, as writers or even people in general we need to learn to stop postponing our work. Many people have the tendency to say 'oh! I'll do it tomorrow'-, do not have such a mindset. Procrastinating/ postponing isn't something that needs to be eliminated in our work as a writer or student but, in our lives as a whole.

Lack of understanding or comprehension of context is another vital reason for plagiarism. With the understanding of certain things, the general idea of a certain topic is taken into consideration. Here, you just get the basic idea or information but, you do not copy them onto your work. All you're supposed to do is just get the general idea and understand them, collect information. In the end, you use YOUR knowledge and skills to construct, organize, plan and make them your own. Here, it is solely your hard work that goes in, you aren't committing the crime of plagiarism.

Many similar causes such as fear

Desire to get good grades is another cause for plagiarism this desire most of the time doesn't come to be better for yourself. It is usually caused due to prestige issues that most of us have, this in return causes plagiarism. Lack of time for a certain person is an indirect cause for procrastinating, it makes you reach out to plagiarism, this is the first thought that enters your mind. 'Copying' your friends' work, this can be seen a lot in our society, 'lack of time? Let's see what others have just, to get an idea. But, before you know it you're copying theirs and pasting it on yours. You even get paid for it -even if you are a writer or author- when in reality none of it is yours. Not a single cent of your earning is due to YOUR hard work but rather, another.

Many similar causes such as fear of failure, lack of interest in a certain work or project, belief of not being caught can easily lead to plagiarism.

Plagiarism takes over your own work?

Still, not certain if you're committing plagiarism?, still Afraid you'll somehow unknowingly commit plagiarism? Use plagiarism checkers online, be honest with your earnings, bring self-contentment.

Where does all this start and where is the base root of plagiarism are basic questions that can solve this issue. It seems like all these reasons and causes of plagiarism start pretty much at a tender age. Plagiarism is a cause often seen in a student from junior year to middle school to high school and even above that. Starting at a young age and not realizing that such a lawfully punishable crime is being committed. This leads you to continue to do so further in life especially as a student or author, not really seeing the fault in it and mostly committing it unintentionally.

Especially as students, people do not take plagiarism seriously when in fact it is a lawfully punishable crime or offense. Commitment of plagiarism could get you expelled from your college or university. It can even cause your work to be completely disregarded it can even be punished by a country's law.

Again, plagiarism means copying or stealing another's work. So, does that mean copying your work considered as plagiarism? No!, copying your own information from one work to another does NOT by any means mean plagiarism. That work solely contains your hard work, your research and your thoughts on things, just because it is rewritten in another platform or work, does not mean it is plagiarism, as the end of all it is YOUR work.

Finally, of all, young or old, plagiarism can be stopped if you want to. So, first, stop procrastinating. Do your own research, understand your information, never -this cannot be emphasized enough- want to ever be better for others, want to be better for yourself, do things to please you, to your maximum effort no matter what the outcome, do not live YOUR life to impress others, impress yourself, know your worth it, if not in one then in another, be happy for yourself and also, be happy for another's achievements and talents, do not let jealousy consume you, don't let jealousy make you compare yourself to another, you are you, you have your talents and limits, use them to your maximum effort and be successful in life because of you, not because of plagiarism.

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