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Proofreading is a process that involves reading and correcting a piece of written or printed work for it to appear neat and make sense. It involves checking for grammatical errors, the structure of the sentences, punctuation etc. The most important task in proofreading is to make sure that everything makes sense and that there are no errors.

You have to look for all the small things that are missing in your work and add them for your work to make sense. Underline where you are required, put punctuation marks and make sure you follow strictly all the rules of grammar. Proofreading involves correction of all the errors but not revision of your work.

The following are tips that are important in proofreading;

Taking short breaks when proofreading helps

Start reading your work from the last paragraph going up to the first one, reading backwards helps you to see the things that you may have left out. You can see the mistakes that you had done while writing.

Tackle one error at a time so that you can concentrate and replace with the right answer. Taking a sentence and looking at it help to see all the punctuation marks missing, grammatical errors etc. It is important for a person to do proofreading work when your mind is alert and does not have so many things, do it when you are relaxed.

Taking short breaks when proofreading helps you to see the errors that you had not seen earlier and get rid of them. When proofreading read loudly to hear whether the sentences make sense and sound correct to you. Ask for help from other people to read your work and get a second opinion whether you have the work correctly or not.

Use of a spell checker software

When writing you often make mistakes that are sometimes hard to get rid of, make sure you note these mistakes and avoid them when writing. Proofreading requires you to use a ruler of a clear sheet of paper when reading through your work. Using a ruler helps you to follow-up sentence by sentence whereby you cannot skip any sentence.

Double check all figures, facts, years, names etc before your work is published to the world. You can also use a dictionary to check for words that are challenging you to read and understand. After you are done with your work, review it for any mistakes that were not seen.

Use of a spell checker software is also important as it is fast and accurate to use. You don't have to waste much time reading over and over again through your work. A handbook can also be used to get help on the words that you are not sure of. Before you start reading your work, print it out as it is to spot mistakes over printed work unlike when using a computer.


As a proofreader it is important you attend workshops and practice as much as possible to improve your skills. Practicing all the time help you to identify mistakes without any hassle or with any difficulty. Workshops help in learning new words and ways in which you can become a professional and have a better understanding of what you do.

Advantages of proofreading include;

A person has a high level of accuracy whereby you get rid of all the small mistakes in your work. You also get to identify grammatical errors that occurred in your sentences and rectify them.All the spelling mistakes are seen whereby you correct them to make sure work look and sound neat.

Framing your sentences is a key feature when writing, it is important to make sure that there is a noun-verb agreement, correct arrangement of adjectives, pronouns use etc. You should structure your sentences correctly, making sure they are clear, accurate and deliver the intended message. Use of the right words while writing is also important, use words that are easy to read and understand and punctuating the sentences correctly.

In conclusion, you should put in mind that when proofreading you should be keen to spot all the small mistakes in your work. Get rid of one error at a time, read loudly, use a ruler while reading, ask a second opinion etc to make sure that you provide quality work. Proofreading should be taken seriously because it is the final task before publishing your work.

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