Some of the best proofreading software to choose from

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Some of the best proofreading software to choose from

Having quality content is important whether you are writing a book, content for a blog site or just a simple email. When you don’t have a professional editor to do the job for you, there are tools and software that are available for this purpose. Their efficiency and effectiveness can be determined based on the cost, functions, accuracy, and compatibility to browsers, desktop or mobile apps. The best proofreading software are listed below, showing the features, pros, and cons of each one of them:

Grammarly is a proofreading software that detects errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and structure of sentences. It is also a great option since it shows you the tone and style of writing; whether it is formal, confident or informative and to which extent. This allows the user to correct and adhere to writing guidelines that have been provided, especially in the context of copywriting. It is available in web browsers and can be used in mobile phones. There is a free package that can be used to make accurate corrections during all steps of writing. However, to get the premium version you have to pay $29.95 per month, and it is in beta testing hence it does not work in Google Drive.

Ginger is a software that is

PerfectIt does not only highlight the spelling errors in written work but it also checks on the correct use of punctuation marks and capitalization. It gives guidelines on the style to use when writing and the proofreading is very thorough, hence it is very reliable. Its only disadvantage is that it does not have a free version but $70 per year is a fair price for those who need the service regularly. PerfectIt is therefore recommended for writers who need high intelligence proofreading services for commercial purposes.

Ginger is a software that is designed to check grammar and rephrase sentences for quality articles. It has a feature that allows users to listen to audio from the texts, and it can translate them into different languages. You do not have to paste content from MsWord since it works automatically, no matter the program in use. It is easier to use than Grammarly but it’s also not supported by Google Drive. To get the premium version you must pay $12 per month, which is less expensive than Grammarly.

Hemingway editor also detects and marks

WhiteSmoke checks the spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in written texts and it also detects and indicates the style in use on mobile apps, desktops, and browsers. The software also has a plagiarism checker that is inbuilt to help users in detecting the percentage of originality in their work. It rates the typed work to help the writer to adhere to the provided guidelines and provides a report on the areas to focus on for improvement. However, it costs $5 per month and there is no free version. Its suggestions, especially on grammar can be inaccurate which makes it a little less reliable.

Hemingway editor also detects and marks grammatical and spelling mistakes so that the user can easily correct them. It is also advanced in that it checks for complicated content, inappropriate adverbs, passive voice, and the style applied. Feedback provided is also well explained and there are no charges for using it at any point. The downside is that it does not detect spelling mistakes and it does not work on the browser.

LanguageTool is an online proofreading tool

ProWritingAid is an advancement of Hemingway editor in that in addition to checking for passive voice, it also detects the use of jargon. It also checks the use of too many words, repetition, and incomplete sentences. There is a free version that is compatible with Microsoft Word and Google Docs on windows and mac. The software does not work on mobile apps, is complicated to use and the premium version costs $60 per year.

LanguageTool is an online proofreading tool that checks punctuation, grammar, spelling and style errors. It is compatible with mobile apps, desktop, and browsers. There is a free version that supports multiple languages and add-ons. However, the free version has limited functions and capabilities and the get the premium version you have to pay $5 per month.

Some Of The Best Proofreading Software To Choose From finds and highlights grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and wrong punctuation with a colored mark-up which is easy to identify. It, however, is not supported by a browser extension or mobile apps. Also, to get your text checked, you have to paste the text into the text box on the site.

After the Deadline is another proofreading software that checks for grammar, style, and spelling. It is used as an extension for a variety of websites such as word press. The software is available for free but the package has limited capabilities and it cannot be used with Microsoft word.

PaperRater performs a range of functions; it checks the use of vocabularies, variability, and length of sentences, passive voice, grammar and spelling errors. It also checks on plagiarism and gives scoring for students, which makes it suitable for content and academic writing. There is a free version available but it has limited capabilities on the length of the document and the number of plagiarism detections.

SpellCheckPlus Pro also checks grammatical errors and common spelling mistakes. It is mostly used by people who are just starting to write since it is the perfect tool to help improve writing abilities. There is a free version but its capabilities are limited, and the SpellCheckPlus Pro costs $15. The premium version stores previously edited content, there is no popping up of ads, the editor is resizable, giving much more room for editing and it provides a summary of errors to help the user to track and correct them easily and also avoid future errors.

All the above software are good, the users just have to check on their budget and purpose. If very high accuracy is needed, a combination of two premium packages can be used, such as Grammarly and Hemingway editor. Users' choice of software also depends on whether the user is relying on the browser, mobile app or desktop. The good thing is there is something for everyone, and all of the above software can be useful in taking the quality of writing to a higher level.

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